Tuition and Financial Aid


Total tuition and fees for the Miami Global Executive MBA for the Americas program beginning in August 2017 is $115,700. Tuition fees for 2018 are subject to change. Tuition includes:

*Enrollment Fee – Upon acceptance, this required non-refundable, non-transferable one-time fee reserves a seat in the program.

*** All Executive and Professional MBA programs have a mandatory Program Administration Fee charged each semester to support the administrative costs, special services, materials and additional costs associated with each program. The tuition typically increases each academic year. Any increase in the University of Miami per credit tuition rate will be compensated by a corresponding reduction in the program administration fee. The total cost of the program (Tuition and Program Administration Fee) therefore will not vary.

Guide to Scholarships and Student Loans

Information about student loans for graduate students, military MBA funding, company sponsorship, MBA scholarship resources and financial aid for international student can be found HERE.

The number of students that can be admitted each year is limited. An applicant's admission and acceptance of that admission results in the University's reciprocal commitment to the applicant for one of the limited number of spaces available. Once a program begins, no additional persons can be admitted to that class.

To officially withdraw from the Miami Global Executive MBA for the Americas program, students must inform the Office of Graduate Business Programs in writing prior to the beginning of a course/term. Tuition will be refunded on a prorated basis based on the number of class meetings attended. No tuition refund will be granted when class attendance has exceeded 50% of class meetings.
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