Two-Year MBA Curriculum

The UM MBA curriculum provides a framework that accelerates growth. Students gain new perspectives and have the opportunity to prove and polish their leadership skills. They learn to think critically across subjects, linking their knowledge of management, economics and marketing with finance, business law and technology.


56-Credit Program

29 Courses, Including 12 Electives

The Two-Year MBA program is a 56-credit, lock-step program composed of 29 courses. Twelve of the courses are electives that can be used toward a concentration. Course waivers may allow students to substitute elective courses for some, but not all, required courses. To qualify for a waiver, a student must pass a written exam.

Full Curriculum, Course Listing and Descriptions

Themes and Courses

The first year of the program is cohort in nature – classes are predetermined and taken with the same group of students. Cohort groups range in size. The second year permits a flexible schedule, allowing students to enroll in elective courses, which may be used toward a concentration.

The University of Miami Academic Bulletin lists the full curriculum with course descriptions. 

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