Master of Science in Finance

The Master of Science in Finance program prepares students for successful careers in corporate finance, international finance and investments, and other financial sectors.

The program immerses student in a narrow course of study over the course of only 10 months. Throughout the program, students are challenged to approach real-world problems with a practical lens.  When they graduate, they possess the knowledge base and sophistication to make critical financial decisions for any organization.   

Develop Your Critical Thinking Skills

In addition to providing students with a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of accounting and finance, the program develops critical thinking and communication skills, ensuring graduates’ success as influential and innovative leaders. The program is enriched by opportunities for students to interact with local finance professionals, as well as by discussions on ethical issues in business in finance.

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Who Should Apply?

Applicants to the MS in Finance program should have a strong quantitative aptitude. However, the program does not require entering students to have a substantial business background. Those who are accepted participate in a mandatory boot camp before the first semester.

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