Academic Advising

The Undergraduate Business Education advising team for the Miami Business School is located in Merrick Building, Room 104.

On-going communication and meetings with an advisor are recommended and provide students with the opportunity to discuss academic programs, career objectives, scholarship and internship possibilities, and other topics vital to overall academic development.

Advising Overview

  • Freshmen and transfer students are assigned an academic advisor who will offer guidance and recommendations for developing an undergraduate curriculum plan that results in the completion of an undergraduate degree
  • Students with fewer than 45 credits and who are still completing foundational core business courses are required to schedule an advising appointment with their advisor prior to registering for courses for the next semester 
  • The University of Miami Undergraduate Bulletin describes all of the pertinent policies and procedures pertaining to the academic requirements, financial aid, student life, general programs and course descriptions. Each student is responsible for knowing and understanding the principles and guidelines detailed in the official University of Miami Bulletin
  • Requests for deviation from department, program, or school requirements are granted only by written approval from the respective chairperson or dean 
  • Students who are in violation of the provisions of the Bulletin may be withdrawn unilaterally by appropriate School officials from classes, deleted as Business students or have a "STOP" placed upon their future enrollment

Advising Guidelines

Student Perspectives

Support in Creating Your Own Unique Experience

Riva Trivedi is a Foote Fellow, which enabled her to create a unique interdisciplinary curriculum. She says the support she found from the start, as a freshman, has been invaluable in helping her shape her program with majors in health sector management and policy, finance, and legal studies, along with a minor in microbiology. Hear what Riva has to say at the guidance she received from her advisors.

Tutorial Assistance

Students are also offered many opportunities to receive free tutorial assistance. The Academic Resource Center provides a comprehensive assistance program for a wide variety of courses. Additional tutoring labs include: the Writing Center, Math Lab, and Computer Labs.

Requests for assistance in specific courses in the Miami Business School should be directed to the specific department or the Undergraduate Business Programs office.
Student Perspectives

How Advising Helps You Find Your Way

Caitlin Cavanaugh wanted a career that would enable her to explore the world, but she did not know what area of business to focus on. Hear from Caitlin about how advising services have helped her become a stronger student, make the most of her UM experience, and find her career path.

Pre-MBA and Pre-Law Advising

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Student Support Services offers services to assist you in applying to a Master in Business Administration (MBA) program or to Law School. These services complement the academic advising you receive from your School’s or College’s Office of Undergraduate Advising



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