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Student Application

Students must first receive an invitation to apply to and participate in the mentor program.  If you have received an invitation, please proceed.

Please complete the entire form and click on the 'Submit' button to submit your entry. All fields with * are required.

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  Business Etiquette   Career Directions Corporate Culture / Shadowing
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*Based on the information you have thus far, please upload your essay to indicate in no more than 250 words what you wish to gain from the Mentor Program, as well as why you should be chosen to represent the School of Business.
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The information in your application will be made available only to the mentor with whom you are eventually matched, should you be selected for the Program. You will receive an email when the matching process is completed in late August.
*“I have read the above statement and agree to the release of the information in my application as stated. I also agree that, if matched, I will devote a portion of my time each month to contact and/or meet with my mentor, inform the Mentor Program Office how the relationship is progressing, and keep the Mentor Program Office updated with my current contact information (address, email, and telephone).”
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