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University of Miami Business Plan Competition

The 15th Annual University of Miami Business Plan Competition, hosted by the School of Business Administration, encourages entrepreneurship among students throughout the University of Miami. The School of Business Administration recognizes that potentially successful business ideas can come from a wide range of disciplines and may originate from an individual or from a group of individuals. 

The competition has two separate tracks: (1) undergraduate student track; (2) graduate students and alumni track. The competition kicks off in the fall and entrants are invited to submit a 3-5 page concept paper. Click here to submit your paper.

Following a review of all entries, teams are selected as semifinalists and are invited to submit detailed business plans. Finalists are annnounced in the spring semester and invited to present their business plans before judges. The judges will select the top three teams in each track: (1) undergraduate; and (2) graduate and alumni to continue in the competition and pitch to a "live" audience for the Grand Finale. Over $50,000 in prize money and services will be awarded at the Grand Finale.


The 2017 Semifinalists of the Business Plan Competition have been selected. Please note that the submission for the business plan (for those who have passed to the Semifinalist round) has been extended to March 7, 2017. Please check the schedule for updated dates. The names are in random order.

You will see names of the mentors for the Undergraduate track below. The mentors for Graduate/Alumni track will be advertised next Monday, January 30, 2017. Each student/team who has passed to the Semifinals will be receiving an email with their mentors’ contact information along with other pertinent information. 



Participants Mentor Mentor
David Gant and Chester Montefering Ben Kosinski Elliot Smerling
Greer Banks & Marcella Thomas Ben Kosinski Roberto Palenzuela
Michael Winick Ben Kosinski Sean Goldstein
Dylan Cohen Bob Nelson Jon Fitchman
Kyle Sylvester & Kierin Mukerjee Bob Nelson Sean Goldstein
Amruth Alluri & Jason Truong Jason Shuman Ben Kosinksi
Don Sirivat & Kevin Fich Jason Shuman Elliot Smerling
Alejandro Marulanda Jason Shuman Sean Goldstein
Laren O. Hutt Jon Fitchman Bob Nelson
Nely Sudri & Lauren Peaslee Jon Fitchman Robert Rubin
Giovanni Marinelli & Matthew Zull Jon Fitchman Sean Goldstein
Ariel Lee & Keiana Wilkerson Michael Rangel Elliot Smerling
Pierrah Hilaire Michael Rangel Oscar Callejas
Patrick Dier Michael Rangel Robert Rubin
Joseph Tanefo Oscar Callejas Elliot Smerling

Isabella Vila Carrillo, Alejandro Carballido, Jorge Dominicis & Sylvia Hernandez

Oscar Callejas Michael Rangel
Catherine De Freitas & Christina Riccardi Oscar Callejas Robert Rubin
Sandi J. Besen Roberto Palenzuela Bob Nelson
Gus "Augustus" Eleftherio Roberto Palenzuela Jason Shuman

Cody Skylar, Alexander M. Gallin, Altair Dahrouch, Haydee Figueroa

Roberto Palenzuela Robert Rubin


Participants Mentor
Rose Weintraub Bob Nelson
Josh Fu Jason Shuman
Juan Carlos Montoya Luna & Paige Voniak Robert Rubin
Valerie Lopez Steve Gold
Jennifer Branchini Oscar Callejas
Kelly Pierce Dean Fogel
Daniel Zambrano & Felipe Zambrano Jon Fitchman
Mayrin Fontaine Moya Michael Rangel
Dominic Natalizio & Ashley Revay Elliot Smerling
Rupal Bhana, Andrew Richardson, Kunal Patel, Arsalan Wappi, Matt Greenberg & David Busse Ben Kosinski
Cherie Topham, Emma Kriss, Diego Uribe & Kelvin Mota Roberto Palenzuela
Antonio Acosta Sean Goldstein
Joe Keilman Barry McKenzie
Micelli Bianchini Barry McKenzie
Thomas R. Bird Jr., Jason S. Keasler & Joe Rjeili Barry McKenzie
Marcella McCarthy Barry McKenzie
Jennifer Pierre Christopher Nolte
Zuxin Wei & Dan Vandenberg Christopher Nolte
Zain Ashraf Bill Heffner
Nathalie Teresa El Barch Antonios & Charbel Jose El Barche Antonios Christopher Nolte
Howard Rapp Vanessa Valera
Ana Gil Vanessa Valera
Emmanuel Muzungu & Joshua Vega Vanessa Valera
Benjamin Leis Vanessa Valera

Past winners have included two teams that we later featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. 2007 runner up Rodolfo Saccoman (MBA ’07) presented a plan for MyTherapyJournal.com in September 2009. Omar Soliman (BBA ’04) took a spin-off of his 2004 competition winner (College Hunks Hauling Junk) called College Foxes Hauling Boxes on Shark Tank in August 2009.

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