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Recruit Talent for Full-Time and Internship Positions

With an internationally diverse pool of undergraduate and graduate level students attending the UM School of Business, we can assist you in finding the right candidate to for your organization while providing students the opportunity to exercise their academic knowledge and gain real-world experience. In addition to recruiting current students, recruiters can post opportunities to more than 10,000 graduate level alumni and more than 30,000 undergraduate level alumni.

Toppel Career Center – Undergraduate Recruiting

Employers recruit University of Miami students in a variety of ways. Through the Toppel Career Center, they can post job and internship openings, come to campus to conduct information sessions, participate in a career fair, and/or conduct on-campus interviews.

Ziff Graduate Career Services Center – MBA Recruiting

Corporate partners gain first priority access to the School's current MBA students who represent more than 16 countries and 15 states.  Our partners provide these future leaders with the opportunity to gain relevant experience and contribute to the organizations that hire them.  The Ziff Graduate Career Services Center works with organizations on a one-on-one basis to understand the ideal profile and ensure the best-fit candidates are selected for the organization's review.

Other Special Recruiting Services

  • Special Access to Career Fairs and Custom Recruiting Events
  • Customized On-Campus Recruiting
  • Student Projects and Consulting Services

Customized On-Campus Recruiting
Ziff Graduate Career Services Center offers customized recruiting for employers seeking MBA candidates. Our mission is to make superior candidates accessible to you. Our approach, Customized Recruiting, is about helping you connect with this diverse group of select students who are prepared to “hit the ground leading.” We help you identify them early in the course of the University of Miami MBA Program, and train them to be leaders within your company, and within your industry.

Access to top talent and customized recruiting
The UM School of Business is renowned for its global reach and its highly effective and diverse graduates.  Corporate Partners are the first companies to engage our top MBA and undergraduate students during the recruiting process. Corporate Partners are given first priority for interns for every summer session and our Career Services Staff will work with you to develop a customized internship program.
o    Access to Customized MBA résumé databases and online job listings
o    Résumé Collection: Candidates apply to positions via the Ziff Center and résumés are forwarded to you, guaranteeing that all candidates meet your qualifications.
o    Just-In-Time Recruiting: The Ziff Center provides you with a customized résumé book specific to your criteria in less than one week.
o    Direct Student Referrals: Candidates can reply directly to you via phone or e-mail.
o    The Ziff team will work with partners on understanding their needs and specified target market and customizing an event to fit the needs of the partner.
o    Assistance with arrangement and scheduling of interviews.

Student Projects and Consulting Services
Another access point for our partners to have students work on true needs within the organization while providing them an opportunity to contribute to your organization while putting their academic knowledge to use.

•    Partners will have the ability to submit projects or cases to student organizations to assist you in finding various results for a current case within your organization. 
•    Graduate level students can also work as consultants to an organization.
•    The School of Business will also work with organization on creating a customized and branded Case Competition for the students.

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