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Areas of Excellence

To further differentiate our community and become a ‘school of choice’ among certain target groups faculty and students, it is essential that we identify and pursue a select group of Areas of Excellence – areas in which we can draw on unique local assets to develop outstanding programs of research and teaching.

The School of Business Administration has the distinct advantage of being part of the University of Miami, a rising star among universities worldwide. We also benefit from a privileged location in one of the world’s gateways to the Americas. Particularly attractive domains of business in which to focus include those that leverage both these assets simultaneously, such as health care, real estate, and entrepreneurship/family business.

Health Sector Management and Policy

To enhance its portfolio of programs in health sector management and policy, which includes a long-established Executive MBA program for health care professionals, the School launched a new business minor in health sector management and policy and a joint MD/MBA degree program in partnership with the University’s Miller School of Medicine in 2008. In 2010, the School expanded these programs with an undergraduate major in health sector management and policy and established a Center for Health Sector Management and Policy.

The School has also established an Advisory Board to Programs in Health Sector Management and Policy and hosts impact conference focused on issues facing the health sector. These include the 2011 Global Business Forum, "The Business of Health Care: Defining the Future," which drew nearly 1,000 industry leaders.

Real Estate

To augment its programs in real estate, in 2012, the School launched a new Accelerated MBA with a Concentration in Real Estate Program. This followed, in 2008, the establishment of a new undergraduate business major in real estate; a new MBA concentration in real estate; a joint Bachelor of Architecture/MBA program in partnership with the University’s School of Architecture; and a Master in Real Estate Development and Urbanism program in a collaboration with the University’s School of Architecture, which administers the program, and the School of Law.

The School has also established a Real Estate Programs Advisory Board and in 2012 held, in partnership with the University's School of Architecture, the University of Miami's first Real Estate Impact Conference, headlined by industry titan Sam Zell.


The School has strengthened its position as a leader in entrepreneurship education and research with new faculty, including a new director of entrepreneurship programs and a new entrepreneur-in-residence.

The School has also established an Entrepreneurship Program Advisory Board, which includes renowned pop artist Romero Britto and other successful entrepreneurs from across the country. The Board has been working with the School to promote awareness and collaboration between its highly regarded entrepreneurship program and the local and international entrepreneurship communities, as well as provide entrepreneurship-related strategic advice to the School as it pursues such initiatives as the establishment of an Entrepreneurship Center.

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