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The University of Miami’s Florida 50 Index was established by the School of Business Administration in 2016 to act as a bellwether for the Florida economy.

The index, which tracks all Florida firms in the S&P Composite 1500® Index, can be found under the ticker symbol UMIAMIFL on such financial news websites at Yahoo Finance.

The Index is the first custom S&P Dow Jones index to be owned by a university and it is the only index that focuses only on public companies headquartered in an individual U.S. state.

The objectives of the index are: 

  • To assess daily investor confidence of the Florida business climate;
  • To promote a better understanding, analysis and forecast of changes in the Florida economy;
  • To provide a means of incorporating empirical measures of investor buying and selling behavior into trading models;
  • To gauge the overall levels of bullishness/bearishness in Florida’s economy vs. nationwide.
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