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Admission to the undergraduate program in business law is managed by Undergraduate Programs in the Merrick Building.

For more information on the admission process please visit the admissions website for University of Miami.

Legal Studies Brochure


Admission to the University for undergraduate study in the freshman and sophomore years (lower level) is sufficient to be granted admission to the School. Students in the lower level are not permitted to take 300 or higher level courses in Accounting, Finance, Management and Marketing. All students with less than 60 semester hours (lower level) may select an intended major. Students who do not state an intended major are listed as undeclared in business. In order to continue in the School with more than 60 semester hours, individuals must seek and be granted upper level status.

The School accepts only those lower level students for upper level that meet the following requirements. Admission to upper level status depends upon an individual having:

  1. Successfully completed at least 60 semester hours.
  2. Successfully completed Accounting 211, 212, Business Law 212, Computer Information Systems 120, Economics 211, 212, English 105, 106, Management Science 110, 201, 202, and Political Science 211.
  3. Made satisfactory progress toward graduation and not be on academic warning or probation.
  4. Made formal application for admission to upper level. Timetables, application forms, and other information regarding admission to upper level status are available from the Undergraduate Studies Office. Students applying for upper level status must also list the major(s) to be completed while in the upper level.

Applicants denied admission to upper level in the School of Business Administration may apply to another School or College in the University. However, students denied admission to upper level who are accepted by another School or College in the University are not permitted to re-enter the School of Business Administration at a later date to complete Business School degree requirements.

Undergraduate Academic Services
104 Merrick Building
P.O. Box 248131
Coral Gables, FL 33124-2010
305-284-5024 - Facsimile



A student may major in Legal Studies. This course of study facilitates the interaction between legal counsel and the business manager.
A major in Legal Studies includes:
BSL 212 (required)
BSL 485 (required)
Twelve additional credits taken from the BSL Departmental offerings.


Students in the School of Business Administration as well as students in the other Schools and Colleges of the University of Miami may minor in Legal Studies.
Twelve credits are required for the minor including BSL 212, BSL 485 plus six additional credits taken from the BSL Departmental offerings.

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