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The Department of Management supports the full-time MBA Program, offering a Management concentration (MGT621/High Performance Leadership, MGT622/High Performance Teams, MGT623/Human Resource Systems, and one other MGT elective course), in addition to staffing required core courses (MGT620/Managing Through People, MGT643/Principles of Operations Management, MGT675/Business Policy and Strategy, and MGT677/Corporate Strategy and Organization).  The MGT Department also participates in all of the Saturday Executive MBA programs offered in the School of Business Administration.  For further information on the MBA and Executive MBA programs contact Graduate Business Programs 305-284-2510.

All Courses

MGT600/Managing Responsible Behavior in Organizations
MGT602/Human Resource Management
MGT603/Leading Teams
GT620/Managing Through People (2-credit MBA)
MGT621/High Performance Leadership (2-credit MBA)
MGT622/High Performance Teams (2-credit MBA)
MGT623/Human Resource Systems (2-credit MBA)
MGT625/Entrepreneurship (2-credit MBA)
MGT643/Principles of Operations Management (2-credit MBA)
MGT645/Principles of Supply Chain Management (2-credit MBA)
MGT651/Behavioral and Organizational Systems
MGT652/Organizational Theory
MGT653/Operations Management
MGT655/Research Methods (doctoral students)
MGT656/Organizational Behavior (doctoral students)
MGT657/International Supply Chain Management
MGT658/Strategic Management
MGT659/Management of Multinational Enterprise
MGT660/Leadership & Motivation
MGT661/Influence, Power, & Politics in Organizations
MGT662/Managerial Judgment & Decision Making
MGT665/Managing Cultural Differences
MGT670/Selection of Human Resources
MGT671/Management of Innovation
MGT675/Business Policy & Strategy (2-credit MBA)
MGT677/Corporate Strategy & Organization (2-credit MBA)
MGT678/Advanced Business Policy & Strategy (2-credit MBA)
MGT681/Essentials of Health Care Administration
MGT682/Issues in Health Care Administration
MGT683/Applied Health Planning
MGT687/Health Care Organization, Economics, & Ethics
MGT691/International Management (2-credit MBA)
MGT695/Residency Program in Health Administration
MGT698/Selected Topics (different subjects offered, e.g., Doing Business in China, Mergers & Acquisitions)
MGT699/Directed Study
MGT730/Doctoral Dissertation (doctoral students)
MGT740/Qualifying Examination Preparation (doctoral students)
MGT750/Research in Residence (doctoral students)

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