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Undergraduate Major in Marketing

A Marketing major can earn either a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA). Majors are required to take 18 credits of marketing.

For more information on the admission process please visit the admissions website for the University of Miami.


The Marketing major provides students with an understanding of the basic concepts of marketing with an emphasis on emerging techniques and technologies. This major prepares students to practice marketing in a changing competitive environment. Specifically the major covers the 4 Ps of marketing (i.e., product/services, price, promotion, and place/distribution) from a managerial perspective. Additionally, the marketing major is flexible, allowing students to concentrate on specific areas of professional pursuit such as sales management, advertising, retailing, or marketing research.

A program of study in marketing offers students a comprehensive understanding of such topics as:

  • Marketing's critical role within organizations;
  • Identification of markets for products and services through better understanding and analysis of consumers' wants and needs;
  • The nature of global competition and identification of viable competitive strategies;
  • Methods used in planning and implementing marketing strategies;
  • Legal and ethical responsibilities of marketers.
The program of study for marketing majors consists of the following:

  • Required Courses
  • Marketing Foundations
  • Marketing Research Analysis
  • Marketing Management

Elective Courses

Nine (9) semester hours from any of the courses listed below:

  1. Consumer Behavior & Marketing Strategy   
  2. Retailing
  3. Professional Selling                                        
  4. International Marketing                                
  5. New Product Development                            
  6. Marketing for Entrepreneurs                        
  7. Advertising Management                              
  8. Internet Marketing                                        
  9. Health Care Marketing
  10. International Marketing Management          

Please check the UM bulletin for additional course information.

There are two (2) grade requirements for a major in marketing:

  • A grade of "B" or higher in Marketing Foundations.
  • The overall grade point average (GPA) in all Marketing courses taken should be 2.5 or higher. All marketing courses taken should be 2.5 or higher. All marketing courses in which a student taking a Marketing major enrolls will count towards the major.


A minor in Marketing for business majors consists of at least 12 semester hours of marketing courses and must include the following: Marketing Foundations with a grade of "B" (grade point average of 3.0) of higher, plus any three courses from the Department of Marketing as long as the prerequisite courses are taken. The overall grade point average in all marketing courses must be 2.5 our higher. All marketing courses in which a marketing minor enrolls will count toward the minor.

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