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Conferences and Events

The UM CIBER organizes and co-sponsors a series of academic conferences on international services to support its research objectives. These conferences, which bring together interdisciplinary research teams, include:


Global Strategy & Emerging Markets Annual Conference, June 15-16, 2017(Back to Top)

This annual conference provides a platform to bring together scholars, doctoral students, and practitioners from around the world in the fields of international business (IB), strategic management, cross-cultural management, business ethics and global entrepreneurship. Participants will stretch their understanding of new perspectives across multiple domains and at multiple levels of analysis while sharing and discussing fresh or new perspectives on frontier issues associated with emerging market-related global strategies. This year the conference will be held at Northeastern University. 

For more information or to RSVP, please email CIBER@miami.edu 

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Miami Conference on Operations, February 20-21, 2017 (Back to Top)

University of Miami’s School of Business Administration is committed to developing strong programs and leading impactful research in the area of global supply chain management. The school’s Operations and Supply Chain Management Group, the Center for Advanced Supply Chain Management, and UM CIBER are working together to create a high quality program that will feature speakers from academia, industry, and public service organizations.  Consistent with the theme of Enhancing Competitive Advantage through Supply Chain Management, the program will cover topics in the fields of sourcing and procurement, manufacturing and production, and distribution and logistics. The conference aims to create a platform for the discussion of contemporary supply chain challenges and the models, methods, and insights that are being developed to address these challenges.

To view the conference agenda/abstracts, please click here.

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The Nuts and Bolts of IB for MD (Back to Top)

To enhance the community’s IB knowledge, UM CIBER will develop/sponsor half-day participative sessions, four times a year at MDC for faculty and upper level students interested in learning more about IB. Each session, led by a team of UM faculty and IB executives, will be oriented to discuss all-encompass-ing presentations of a basic IB topic and answer audience questions/concerns. MDC students will expand their network which has the potential to lead to internship or job opportunities.

IB Institute-Miami (Back to Top)

This three-day conference, open to college faculty from throughout the US and the business community, is specifically designed to meet IB professional development needs. Top level IB experts, including SBA’s John Daniels and Yadong Luo, will present and lead discussions to enhance IB competencies of current faculty and provide knowledge to up-and-coming IB professionals involved in small business.

Leadership and Innovation: Annual Conference (Back to Top)

Mem- bers of the SBA faculty and their peers in other UM Schools/Centers have agreed to form teams, each focusing on a different service industry. Each team will advance common goals, including the design and execution of their conference. They will agree on main driving themes, such as, strategic frameworks US firms may use in providing affordable access LA’s underserved markets, additional external partners, and distinguished keynote speakers. Participants will learn from the discussions, and expand their professional networks adopting UM CIBER’s interdisciplinary approach in their development agenda.

Discover Global Markets(Back to Top)

UM CIBER, in cooperation with the US DOC and Enterprise FL, will host the Annual Discover Global Markets conference for more than 300 Sen- ior Commercial Officers of US Embassies in the Western Hemisphere. Each year it will focus on a different region (i.e., LA in 2015, Africa in 2016). All CIBERs will be invited and encouraged to participate.

Automated Export System Seminar and Workshop (Back to Top)

UM CIBER in collaboration with the US DOC, will host this annual seminar/workshop event for all those involved in the export process. Census Bureau experts will cover new export regulations, Schedule B classification requirements (released in April 2014), and a thorough overview of the AES. US Customs and Border Protection experts will explain port requirements and efforts against terrorism and int’l narcotics trafficking.

Global Mini-Conference: A Day of Education (Back to Top)

UM CIBER will host half-day education sessions four times per year on the UM campus for faculty throughout FL, including MDC. Professionals interested in IB issues will also be welcomed. In addition to disseminating IB knowledge and discussing problems faced by the business community, professors may identify areas for relevant applied research, possible interdisciplinary partnerships, and teaching content that will bring students’ expertise closer to employer’s needs.

San Diego State University (SDSU) District Export Council (Back to Top)

UM CIBER will join the CIBER-wide collective effort to collaborate with the National District Export Council (NDEC). This initiative, partners all CIBERs with NDEC and their Annual DEC Leadership Conference held each fall in Washington, DC. This program enables CIBERs to engage with 1500+ policy makers, business people, trade organizations and educators from across the US. This direct involvement/collective platform will allow our CIBER to work with DEC member companies, both regionally and nationally, to offer meaningful opportunities, such as internships and mentorships, for our students in order to enhance their employment prospects

Frontiers in IB Research Seminar (Back to Top)

Faculty and PhD students from throughout FL Universities/Colleges and guest scholars from all over the world will present and discuss research projects. SBA’s John Mezias and FIU’s Arya Chacar will co-lead these seminars alternate at UM and FIU campuses.

CIBER Business Language Conference (Back to Top)

UM CIBER has been an active co-sponsor of the annual three-day CBLC. We will continue funding the attendance of two business language faculty members annually. They will join other faculty across the nation to discuss issues relevant to business language teaching and IB.

IB Institute (IBI) for Community College Faculty (Back to Top)

UM CIBER will support the participation of two MDC faculty members, in 2015 and 2017 IBI. Hosted by MSU CIBER, it includes coverage of IB topics in all core business fields; a focus on selected world regions; and small group sessions on timely topics, all facilitated by community college faculty.

Mentoring and Outreach for Minority Serving Institutions(Back to Top)

UM CIBER will continue collaborating with, and sponsoring the Globalizing MSI program championed originally by Memphis CIBER and in the future by Georgia State CIBER. This program will discuss and share with participating HBCUs, MSIs and community colleges, on a one-on- one mentoring basis, valuable pedagogical tools, knowledge, and experiences in IB education.

IB101 for High Schools (Back to Top)

This program seeks to expand IB knowledge among inter- ested HS students at institutions with a large and existing focus on IB, including Braddock and Carrollton. These sessions, on their campuses, will be held four times per academic year and will present IB guest speakers in different fields.


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