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Center for International Business Education & Research (CIBER)

In 2010, the University of Miami was awarded a grant from the US Department of Education in order to establish a center known as CIBER. UM CIBER's goal is to promote and increase the nation's innovative services and interdisciplinary endeavors to strengthen US competitiveness and understanding. UM CIBER supports and funds programs, for students, faculty, and the community.


UM CIBER offers students a variety of programs aimed to improve competitiveness in the business world on a global scale. For example, Undergraduate students can put their abilities to the test by competing in teams in the CIBER Case Challenge competition. Graduate students can travel abroad, solving real problems for real companies in Global Business Consulting projects. UM CIBER also offers short and long term study trips abroad and much more.


UM CIBER offers faculty the opportunity to grow as researchers, educators, and practitioners of international business. Faculty members can attend lectures, conferences, seminars, and forums. Faculty are also provided the opportunity to apply for mini-grants to support their international business education and research.


UM CIBER offers the local community trainings and other services to promote international business within South Florida. We offer local businesses co-sponsorships to participate in the annual conferences, which bring together hundreds of industry professionals for networking and critical thinking on important IB issues.

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Global Trends Speaker Series: Realities of Doing Business in Cuba 
Miami Dade College, Hialeah Campus, Room 5101 



FDIB - Peru & Colombia 
Early Registration Deadline
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FDIB - Peru & Colombia 
Scholarship Deadline
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GBC Spring 2017
Launch Weekend
Student Study Center
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GLOBE China & India
Pre-Departure Session II
EEC Dining Room



Miami Conference on Operations
Student Center Complex, 3rd floor
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Innovators for the Americas (IFTA) - Spring 2017

IFTA is an undergraduate, experiential learning course focused on global entrepreneurship.

The primary goal is for students to increase their global business, entrepreneurial, cross-cultural and cross-functional competencies through adviser-guided collaboration, participation in an international, student team and two weekend trips to a specific Latin American market. Each team develops, presents and defends a business plan addressing the specific needs of a Latin American market, leveraging the entrepreneurial and technological expertise of its members, as well as others with whom they network

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GLOBE China and India - Spring 2017

UM CIBER is proud to announce the 2017 Global Learning Opportunities in Business Education (GLOBE) options. Locations include: China and India. All courses/trips programs will take place during Spring Break. Participants in this two credit elective visit local universities, companies, and NGOs to learn from macro forces and policies affecting firms’ opportunities, strategies, operations, experiences, and best practices. Students will gain a better understanding of factors influencing US leadership and competitiveness. The program will allow participants to experience firsthand how prominent corporations and companies do business. In addition to business visits, participants will also visit cultural sites that have deeply impacted the region. The objective of this course is to provide students with rigorous firsthand exposure to the cultural, economic, and political dimensions of doing business internationally.



GBC - Spring 2017

University of Miami graduate students, in the top 10% of their class, who have the right attitude, who thrive on ambiguity and question well, and are willing to work hard for high quality results (the “consultants”) will work with a faculty advisor and corporate executive (the “client”) to provide clients with fact-based, actionable recommendations that will make substantial improvements in their performances while building leadership, teamwork, analytic and problem-solving skills. Teams of five-six graduate students explore options to address an opportunity or challenge faced by the organization, assess them, and present/defend strategic recommendations to profit from them.


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