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Fall 2006 Seminar Series

Date Speaker
Sept. 15 David L. Kelly Univ. of Miami "Subsidies to Industry and the Environment”
Sept. 22 Suxi Li Univ. of Miami "The effect of demand uncertainty on airline price dispersion”
Sept. 29
David Figlio Univ. of Florida "Cramming: The Effects of School Accountability on College-Bound Students”
Oct. 6 Claustre Bajona-Xandri Univ. of Miami "The role of entrepreneurship in productivity growth: centralized versus planned economies”
Oct. 13 arlos Urrutia ITAM "On the Job Training, Limited Commitment, and Firing Costs”
Oct. 27 Duan Peng Univ. of Miami "Who Should Care for Our Kids? The Effects of Infant Child Care Arrangements on Child Development”
Nov. 3 Richard Romano Univ. of Florida "On The Political Economy of Zoning”
Nov. 10 John Lott AEI "Abortion and Crime: Unwanted Children and Out of Wedlock Births. ”
Nov. 17 Richard M. H. Suen UC Riverside "Technological Advance and the Growth in Health Care Spending”
Dec. 1 Ellen McGrattan Minneapolis FED "Technology Capital and the US Current Account”
Dec. 8 Charles Kolstad UC Santa Barbara "Voluntary Public Goods Provision, Coalition Formation, and Uncertainty”
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