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Spring 2008 Seminar Series

Date Speaker
Jan. 11 Salvador Ortigueira
"Markov-Perfect Optimal Fiscal Policy: The Case of Unbalanced Budgets."
Jan. 18     Recruiting Seminar (Room SB308, 3-4:30 pm)
Jan. 23     Recruiting Seminar (Ziff conference room, 10:30-12)
Jan. 31     Recruiting Seminar (GB432, 2-3:30 pm)
Feb. 1     Recruiting Seminar (Room SB308, 2-3:30 pm)
Feb. 4     Recruiting Seminar (Dean's conference room, 11-12:30 pm)
Feb. 13     Recruiting Seminar (Dean's conference room, 11-12:30 pm)
Feb. 28     Recruiting Seminar
Feb. 29 Nuray Akin Univ. of Miami
"Search, Moral Hazard, and Price Dispersion."
Mar. 21 Luis Corchon Univ. Carlos III "Computing Welfare Losses from Data under Imperfect Competition with Heterogeneous Goods."
Mar. 28 Yungmin Lee FIU
"Strategic Behavior and Racial Bias in Issuing Traffic Tickets: Theory and Evidence."
Apr. 11 Bruce Meyer Univ. of Chicago
Apr. 18 Christopher Waller Notre Dame
Apr. 25 Jianjun Miao Boston Univ.
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