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Audio & Visual Services

The Audio & Visual department at the University of Miami - School of Business is well equipped to handle many situations and events. As far as services, this department can maintain existing equipment and edit captured photos and videos. Please feel free to contact our department with any requests, as some services may not be listed here.

Contact Number:

  • 305.284.3606 / 8x3606

Hours of Operation

  • Weekdays: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


There are several laptops that can be loaned out for a period of time to help School of Business faculty accomplish more on the go.


Audio Visual prides itself on its commitment to efficiently support all equipment present in the School of Business and the end-users. Weekly, classrooms and other vital areas are checked to ensure that the equipment functions correctly.

During events, there is a trained technician always on hand to remedy any problems that may arise. Audio Visual’s support also extends to the end-user. The technicians in the department can troubleshoot and give tutorials about the various systems in place.

Our commitment to support is unrivaled throughout the school of business.

Audio & Visual Capture

The department is well equipped to record live video or audio in many settings. If you need any recording done, please call and schedule an appointment and a technician will accommodate you.

Audio & Video Post Production

After recording lectures, special presentations or even events in the Storer Auditorium the AV department is well equipped to edit and produce professional quality video and audio clips for distribution online or internally. If you have a media to be edited, call an AV technician and schedule an appointment to go over the details. After the appointment is set, please note that it will take a few days to process media clips.

3D Virtual Photo Shoots

We shoot a 360 image using the QuickTime One VR that can be used for virtual tour of classrooms, offices, labs, or common spaces on campus.

Live Event Broadcasting

We can stream video and/or audio from any event in Storer Auditorium via Livestream. We can also negotiate the streaming of remote events on campus  depending on the particular event and location.


Photography is another service offered by the Audio Visual department. There is usually a photographer at main events like orientation or luncheons in the Executive Dining Room. If you need photos for an event please call a few days in advance to book the photographer. After the event the photos can be lightly edited.

Questions & Answers

How do I operate the classroom equipment?

The SBA classrooms are all equipped with touch panels that perform all functions available in the classrooms. To operate the projector and other components, turn on the system via the button on the touch panel and use the source select menu to choose between the various audio and video output sources.

What is the procedure to follow to ensure that my event will have Audio & Visual support?

First, check to see that the space you plan to use is free through the appropriate channels. If the space is not booked, make a reservation and then call the AV department at extension 3606 or 305-284-3606. It is important that you notify the A/V department in advance to schedule your event especially if you will also need equipment. Laptops and other equipment have to be leased in order to keep track of them. Also, upon receiving your notification the department can collect all of the required items and pre-configure them.

Once your event is on the AV calendar, we will have someone on hand at the event to take care of the initial setup and also to handle any problems that may arise.

How do I report a problem with AV equipment?

The Audio & Visual department does checks on all of the equipment used regularly so usually there is little chance of failure. Either way if any equipment malfunctions, please call the AV department and report the problem. Minor issues can be resolved over the phone while more complex issues will require direct attention. The technician will evaluate the severity and act accordingly.

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