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Cooper, Cecily (2013), "Repairing Trust with Individuals vs. Groups," Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

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Plant, Robert (2012), "To Create a Global Brand you need a Global App," Harvard Business Review

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Korniotis, George and Alok Kumar (2011) “Do Older Investors Make Better Investment Decisions?”  Review of Economics and Statistics.

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Mezias J. & Scandura, T.A.  (2010). Assessing the state of cross-cultural mentoring research.  Presented at the Academy of Management meetings, Montreal, Canada.

Lee, K., Joshi, K., Kim, Y., Scandura, T.A. & Lee, J.  (2010). Emotional intelligence and leader-member exchange for creativity:  Paradoxical relationships.  Presented at the Academy of Management meetings, Montreal, Canada.

Pellegrini, E. K., Scandura, T.A & Jayaraman, V.  (2010). Cross-cultural generalizability of paternalistic leadership:  An empirical investigation, Group & Organization Management, 35,  391-420.


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Liu, Yi, Yadong Luo and Liu Ting (2009), "Governing buyer-supplier relationships through transactional and relational mechanisms: Evidence from China," Journal of Operations Management.

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