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Materials and inquiries may be sent to:

    University of Miami
    School of Business Administration
    Graduate Business Admissions Office
    P.O. Box 248505
    Coral Gables, FL 33124-6524
    Tel: 305-284-4607
    Toll Free: 800-531-7137
    Fax: 305-284-1878
    E-mail: mba@miami.edu
    PhD Programs
    P.O. Box 248505

    Coral Gables, FL 33124-6524
    Tel: 305-284-2711
    Fax: 305-284-5905
    E-mail:  SBA-PHD@miami.edu


Administration and Staff
Anuj Mehrotra  

Vice Dean [Graduate Business Programs and Executive Education]

Amarylis Wallace Sr. Executive Assistant to the Vice Dean
Olivier Bouclier Associate Dean, Executive Education and Graduate Business Programs
Recruiting and Admissions          
Jeff Hunter Director, Recruiting and Admissions
Aurora Goicochea Assistant Director 
Eric Duarte-McDermott Assistant Director
Kimberly Migoya  Assistant Director
Priscilla Ferreira Assistant Director
Jose Cosials Assistant Director
Linda Smith Admissions Assistant
Laura Crew Admissions Assistant
Naquia Williams Admissions Assistant
Jenifer Ingram Admissions Representative
Program Administration
Lori Pryor Director, Graduate Business Programs
Kathy Gaunt Assistant Director
Tania Abouzeide Assistant Director
Cecilia Sanchez Assistant Director
Erika Murillo Program Coordinator
Janeth Moran Administrative Assistant
Alexander Mas Administrative Assistant
Executive Education  
David Lecon Executive Education Programs
PhD Programs
Marbella Santamaria                      Program Coordinator

Ziff Graduate Career Services Center

Mary Young Director, Ziff  Graduate Career Services Center
    School of Business Administration
    P.O. Box 248027, Coral Gables, Florida 33124-6520
TEL: 305-284-4643
FAX: 305-284-6526
GRADUATE: 305-284-2510
UNDERGRADUATE: 305-284-4641