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Participant Profiles

Ruben Valverde
Director, Broadcast Projects & Implementation
AT&T Entertainment Group

From: USA

Languages: English and Spanish
"Time here at the University of Miami has introduced me to classmates who have challenged me to think bigger, exposed me to professors who demand that I think deeper and driven me to do things differently with positive outcomes."
Natalya Kashirina
Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions
Phoenix Tower International

From: USA

Languages: English and Russian
"The Miami Executive MBA for the Americas represents an extension of my international experience and is a way to further grow my business and professional career with a focus on collaboration across cultures, learning across various borders, and expansion of horizons."
Mario Pazos
Business Leader

From: Peru and USA

Global Experience: Peru

Languages: English and Spanish
"As an executive having worked in Lima and Miami, and having traveled all over Latin America in my roles at Sony, Citibank and MasterCard, my career focuses on the Americas business landscape. There is no other MBA program that provides a gateway between North America and Latin America the way this program does. The particular business culture of this program provides the specific combination of opportunities that I seek in furthering my business experience. The location of the business school itself, at the crossroads of the Americas, provides a recognized business education at the bridge between the Americas and provides the distinct chance to meet and learn from top executives in Miami and Latin American companies."
Juan Daniel Diaz
Sr. vArchitect
VCE, Virtual Computing Environment, an EMC Company

From: Colombia

Global Experience: Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Puerto Rico

Languages: English and Spanish
"The program structure and delivery, in particular the residencies, are the most rewarding. I would say the most attractive feature of this MBA program is learning on-site from fellow students, who bring a different perspective to the various topics, discussions, case studies and projects."
Alberto Crespo-Salgado
Founder and Department Head
Crespo Enterprises LLC and
US Navy Reserve

From: Puerto Rico

Global Experience: Puerto Rico, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan

Languages: English and Spanish
"The most attractive benefit of the program is definitely the residencies in which I have the great honor to meet, collaborate, and exchange ideas with such a diverse, talented, and experienced group of amazing people from many different backgrounds. For me, that is what makes this program a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."
Cristhian Quintero

From: Venezuela

Global Experience: Venezuela and United Kingdom

Languages: English, Spanish, and French
"The Miami Executive MBA for the Americas program offers a diverse environment of keen multinational business professionals in the heart of South Florida. I selected the program for its prestige, professors, and the opportunity to immerse within Latin America boundaries."
Armando Valverde
Chief Financial Officer
MEGA Wine & Spirits

From: USA

Global Experience: Venezuela and Panama

Languages: English and Spanish
"There are three essential benefits of the program. First, the blend of on-campus sessions with distance learning allows me to make the most of this program while continuing my demanding career. Second, the integrated project is an incredible opportunity to develop real business cases with top executives and with the faculty guidance. And third, the School of Business Administration has an amazing network in Miami and around the world. As part of this alumni global network, I am going to build important relationships to boost my business and contribute to society as well."
Carolina Rodriguez
Director of Business
Planning for the Americas,
International Container
Terminal Services, Inc.

From: Mexico

Global Experience: Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia

Languages: English and Spanish
"I believe the most attractive features of the program are its flexibility, high level of professors and students, and its focus on Latin America."
Hal Bolter
RFS, Inc.

From: USA

Global Experience: Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Trinidad, Curacao, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras and Dominican Republic

Languages: English and Conversational Spanish
"The classroom environment, including the quality of instruction, cases we discuss, and the broad range of relevant and timely topics, is outstanding and creates a wonderful learning experience. But the single biggest differentiator of this program is the collaboration with an incredibly diverse and accomplished group of peers. The combined experiences of my classmates, both personal and professional, specifically related to doing business in a multinational and multicultural environment, is immeasurable."
Sergio Faggiani
Vice President
Finance, Administration and Quality Assurance
Club Melia by Melia Hotels Int'l

From: Spain

Global Experience: Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Puerto Rico

Languages: English and Spanish. Basic Italian, French and Portuguese
"The program is very mentally stimulating. The fact that we all come from different backgrounds and from different and important companies makes the on-campus residencies a continuous brainstorming session. When the professor asks a question you get so many different interesting points of view that any simple question could turn into a great learning experience. The excellent balance of people mixed in the classroom is just the best way to learn."
Felipe Sousa
L'Oréal Travel Retail Americas

From: Brazil

Global Experience: Brazil, France, Thailand and USA

Languages: Portuguese, French, English and Spanish
"After analyzing other programs, I decided the Miami Executive MBA for the Americas was the best program in the market for my executive profile and work experience. The University of Miami's diverse population, international exposure, connections, and focus on the Americas region were important factors in choosing the program. The high academic level and ranking of the School of Business were also key factors in my final decision-making process. After eight months in the program, I am very satisfied with my choice."
Tracey Powell
Executive Director
Chase Bank, San Antonio, Texas

From: USA

Global Experience: Panama, Dominican Republic, and the Caribbean (Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago)

Languages: English
"I selected The Miami Executive MBA for the Americas program because of the international context, innovative format and opportunity to develop a network of globally accomplished executives. I considered other executive MBA programs but selected the Miami program because of the unparalleled immersion I would gain in the Latin American business landscape from classmates and professors."
Igor Petlyakov
Vice President International

From: Russia and Argentina

Global Experience: Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil, Turkey, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore

Languages: Russian and Spanish
"The best thing about the Miami Executive MBA program is the selection of students that the University was able to attract. Being part of this wonderful group of successful and multitalented people from all around the world enriches you with knowledge and experiences along with the academic part of the MBA program. I am very proud to be part of this group and of the U."
Hector Padilla
Senior Vice President
Store Operations
The Home Depot

From: Dominican Republic and USA

Global Experience: USA and LATAM

Languages: English and Spanish
"The material that we have covered around finance, accounting and marketing has given me a deeper understanding of the business and has allowed me to make better decisions. I am also better equipped when influencing others."
Ruth R. Rodriguez
Providers Contract Manager

From: USA

Global Experience: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, and the Caribbean

Languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese
"After gaining new knowledge from the classes, I decided to implement a new initiative for my company. As a result, we are projecting $2 million in annual savings."
Bernardo Buraglia
VP People Operations
World Fuel Services

From: USA

Global Experience: Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Argentina

Languages: Spanish, English and Italian
"Networking is very important in Latin American cultures, and building personal and social relationships is a great part of this program."
Maria Constanza Mandil
Marketing Director
Cybersource Latin America and the Caribbean, Visa Inc.

From: Argentina

Global Experience: Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and the Caribbean

Languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese
"I looked at other schools, but the University of Miami program is on a completely different level. Having experienced executives as classmates and professors who have multinational work experiences is what makes the difference."
Daniel Herrero
Frequent Flyer Program Manager
Copa Airlines

From: Panama

Global Experience: Panama, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba

Languages: Spanish and English
"The real strength of this program is the diversity of our classmates. We have top-level professionals who contribute fresh ideas and new ways of thinking about issues."
Madelyn Alvarez
International Construction Trading, Inc.

From: Venezuela and USA

Global Experience: Venezuela, Colombia

Languages: English, Spanish and basic French
"The most attractive feature of the program is that it is a 'hybrid' program of not only online classes, but residencies that include c-suite panels with great speakers. We not only learn from academics but also from life experiences of other professionals. When we are away we have online courses, which can be challenging but at the end we tie it all together during the residencies. It really is the best of both worlds. I was so excited to hear that this program is offered at UM."
Marija Medenica
Financial Services Executive, Former Deputy CEO
Kon Tiki Travel

From: Serbia and Bahamas

Global Experience: Serbia, Bahamas, England, Austria and other countries in the central and eastern Europe

Languages: Serbian, English, basic Russian and Chinese
"The program forces you to go out of your comfort zone and see the world with different eyes. The curriculum teaches you to rethink your business strategy and provides you with a set of skills to address problems from a new, innovative perspective. The most courageous will develop brilliant ideas that lead to the creation of successful businesses."
Igor Cruz
Contracts Director

From: Brazil

Languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish
"This program acts as an excellent bridge to connect business concepts and best practices with America´s multicultural way of doing business. I am growing and developing by working from the highest academic level of professors and working side by side with classmates who are top executives from different industries. This learning and the relationships we build gives us/the alumni endless tangible and intangible benefits for the rest of our careers. I’m confident that I made the correct choice and my entrepreneurship, leadership, business and management skills will gain a solid foundation."
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