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One-Year MBA | University of Miami One-Year MBA Programs

  • The One-Year MBA program is a 35-credit, cohort program that is completed in one year.
  • There are no summer classes. Internship opportunities may be available through the Ziff Graduate Career Services Center during the summer months.
  • The program is “lock-step” and students progress together through a sequential pattern of 1 or 2-credit courses.
  • At orientation, group exercises serve as “ice breakers” for the cohort. However, permanent study groups are normally assigned at the instructors’ discretion.
  • The program is composed of 20 courses, seven of which are electives.
  • There are two semesters totaling 28 weeks of class time. Each semester consists of two 7 week terms.
  • Students are registered for four to six courses per term
  • Students enrolled in the Full-Time, two-year MBA Program are not eligible for this program. Waivers and course transfers are not permitted. Concentrations are not available or granted.
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