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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to the Accelerated Program?
Paper applications for the Accelerated Program are available at the University of Miami, Department of Accounting.  Applications are not accepted online or through the graduate school.  Upon completion, applications should be returned to the Department of Accounting for processing. Generally, applications should be submitted by September 30 of your junior year. Although late applications will be accepted and processed, students applying after September 30th are unable to participate in the summer internship interviews for their junior year.

Why must I apply by September 30 of my junior year?
By applying to the Accelerated Program by September 30, students are able to interview for summer internships.  We make every effort to arrange the schedule so that in the spring of their junior year, Accelerated Program applicants can apply for internship positions for the summer of their junior year. The University of Miami Toppel Career Center will host the Accounting Career Fair in early October and Accelerated applicants should have their applications complete well before the career fair in order to participate in the interviewing process as juniors.

Where do I submit my Letters of Recommendation and Resumes?

Letters of recommendation and your resume can be submitted with your application to Michael Werner at the Department of Accounting or to the following address:

             University of Miami
             School of Business Administration
             Department of Accounting
             Attention:  Michael Werner, Director Masters Programs
             5250 University Drive
             Coral Gables, FL 33146

Is a summer internship necessary to complete the program?
No, but it is highly recommended and students are encouraged to participate in the summer internship program.

If I enter the Accelerated Program, am I guaranteed an internship?
Students are not guaranteed an internship position.  Internships depend on various factors including the hiring needs of CPA firms and other participating companies.

Is the Accelerated Program really less expensive than the conventional master’s program?
Accelerated students take 6 graduate credits in the fall and another 6 graduate credits in the spring of their senior year of undergraduate study.  These 12 credits generally cost no additional tuition or are at least less expensive because they are included in the allotted 18 credit course load for full-time undergraduate students each semester.  Accordingly, for most accelerated students, the cost of 12 of the 30 graduate credits is covered by undergraduate tuition.  Students are responsible for the cost of the remaining 18 credits of the master’s program, although many students receive School of Business fellowships which average about $8,000.

How do I apply for a School of Business fellowship and what are the requirements?
The School of Business fellowships are awarded based upon an internal evaluation process.  There is no need to apply nor are there any requirements to be met. 

Why should I participate in the internship program in the summer of my junior year instead of waiting until my senior year like traditional master’s students do?
Because Accelerated students are busy with other things during the summer of their senior year, there is little time for an internship.  As part of the plan to prepare accelerated students for their careers, they are required to take a CPA review course and are encouraged to take the CPA exam in the summer following their senior year.  In addition, accelerated students will take a 3-credit course during this summer so that they can complete their master's degrees by taking a 15-credit load in the fall. 

Is the Accelerated Program open to students that are not University of Miami accounting majors?
The program is designed around a schedule that can only be met by some University of Miami accounting majors. So, unfortunately, it is not open to other students. 

If I join the Accelerated Program, how much sooner will I graduate with my master’s degree?
Students in the Accelerated Program graduate and begin their careers one semester earlier than those in the traditional University of Miami accounting master’s program. Accelerated students are able to complete the program in one semester of purely graduate work, or in the fall, and can begin their career as early as December. In comparison, the traditional Master of Accounting or Master of Science in Taxation can be completed in two semesters of graduate work, or for most students, during the fall and following spring. 

How can I get additional information about the program?
Additional information about this program and other master’s programs can be obtained from the other pages of this website and by contacting the Director of Accounting Master’s Programs, Michael Werner at maccmst@bus.miami.edu.

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