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Schedule of Courses

Semester I

ECO 601/521: Graduate Macroeconomic Theory (3 credits)
ECO 860: The Theory of International Trade (3 credits)
ECO 600/520: Econometrics (3 credits)
ECO 610/510: Mathematical Economics & Applications (3 credits)
ECO 612/512:Economic Strategies of Firms & the Industry (3 credits)


Semester II

ECO 692: Applied Economics (3 credits)
ECO 620: KY Advanced Economics (3 credits
ECO 621: FG Advanced Macro Analysis (3 credits)
ECO 698: DE Selected Topics- Economics of Uncertainty and Executive Compensation (3 credits)
ECO 645: KX Regulation Economics (3 credits)

*Subject to Change Disclaimer

Please note that the Master of Arts in Economics program schedule is subject to change if necessary. The University reserves the right to change curricula, and other requirements, of whatever kind, affecting students. Students will be notified in advance of any changes if applicable. 

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