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Master of Science in Management Studies with a Specialization in Leadership


Program Begins August

The Master of Science in Management Studies with a specialization in leadership program shapes students into competent, versatile and dynamic leaders ready to navigate the complex workplace of the 21st century. The program helps participants develop the interpersonal skills they need to influence others and lead effectively in today’s challenging work environment. Not only does the program include coursework to provide students with a foundation of basic management skills, it includes a set of courses that focus on the skills needed to achieve performance at the highest levels possible.

Program Objectives

The MS in Management Studies with a specialization in leadership program is designed to help students better understand and integrate management concepts, apply conceptual models to troubleshoot issues and problems, enhance their ability to create action plans to identify and strengthen personal leadership skills, and to develop skills to lead change within organizations. Over the course of 10 months, students refine their unique leadership styles while being immersed in the fundamentals of strategy, negotiation, action plan development and organizational change.  

Student Profile

The program is designed for those who are currently serving as managers and those who want to lead employees and teams in a variety of sectors, particularly those who feel they do not need the in-depth training in the functional areas provided in a traditional MBA program.

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