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Masters of Science in Taxation Curriculum


This program affords students with an undergraduate degree in accounting or equivalent the opportunity to specialize in the area of taxation. Through electives, students are able to expand their areas of expertise, so that they may adequately prepare themselves for careers requiring a high degree of specialized tax and accounting knowledge in public accounting, private industry, and government. The program requires 30 semester hours consisting of six required courses and the balance of approved elective courses provided the student has an undergraduate degree in accounting, or its equivalent, from an accredited institution and has completed ACC403: Fundamentals of Taxation and ACC404: Advanced Taxation, or their equivalents. Courses with a 600-level designation are designed for graduate students. Courses with a 500-level designation are open to graduate students and upper-level undergraduate students. Graduate students are permitted to take up to 6 semester hours in 500-level courses. The remaining credits must all be earned in 600-level courses. A 3.00 grade point average (GPA) is required to graduate from the program.

Required courses:

ACC 640        Corporate Taxation I
ACC 641        Corporate Taxation II
ACC 643        Tax Research
ACC 645        Partnership Taxation
ACC 648        Financial Reporting Implications of Income Taxes

In addition to the above courses, a student must select at least one of the following courses:

ACC 623        International Accounting and Taxation
ACC 649        Issues in Tax Policy
ACC 662        Taxation of Multinational Corporations

Students may select their other electives from courses above or the following courses:

ACC 522 Advanced Issues in Auditing
ACC 524 Accounting for Governmental and Not-for-Profit Entities
ACC 530 International Financial Reporting Standards (1 credit)
ACC 602    Analysis of Financial Statements*
ACC 603 Studies in Financial Reporting Issues
ACC 610 Accounting Research and Theory
ACC 611 Auditing Seminar
ACC 620 Accounting Controls in Information Technology
ACC 642 Seminar in Taxation
ACC 672 Advanced Financial Analysis and Valuation**
ACC 675 Compensation, Incentives and Strategic Control
ACC 677 Forensic Accounting
BSL 691 The Public Corporation
BSL 675 Advanced Business Law
BSL 692 Legal Implications Int’l Bus Transactions (2 credits)
BSL 694 Real Estate Law (2 credits)
BSL 698 Negotiation: Theory and Practice (2 credits)
BUS 600 Critical Thinking and Effective Writing (for ESL Students) (1 credit)
BUS 602 Critical Thinking and Effective Writing (2 credit)
BUS 603 Critical Thinking and Effective Presentations (2 credit)
CIS 612 Enterprise Technologies (2 credits)
CIS 613 Bus Intelligence Technologies (2 credits)
CIS 617 Information Tech Project Mgt (2 credits)
CIS 689 Entrepreneurship: High-Tech Venture (2 credits)
ECO 695 Global Economics (2 credits)
FIN 644 Real Estate Investment and Appraisal (2 credits)
FIN 645 Real Estate Finance (2 credits)
FIN 650 Financial Investments (2 credits)
FIN 651 Adv Topics in Investments (2 credits)
FIN 660 International Finance (2 credits)
FIN 670 Corporate Finance (2 credits)
FIN 671 Adv Topics in Corporate Finance (2 credits)
FIN 674 Fin Anly of Mergr and Acqstns (2 credits)
FIN 681 Financial Institutions (2 credits)
FIN 683 Financial Modeling (2 credits)
FIN 685 Math of Financial Derivatives (2 credits)
MAS 633 Intro to Quality Management (2 credits)
MAS 634 Adm Sys for Quality Management (2 credits)
MAS 635 Design of Experiments (2 credits)
MAS 636 Stat Proc Control and Reliability (2 credits)
MAS 637 Applied Regression Anlys and Forecasting (2 credits)
MAS 638 Management Science Consulting (2 credits)
MAS 663 Project Management and Modeling (2 credits)
MGT 621 High Performance Leadership (2 credits)
MGT 622 High Performance Teams (2 credits)
MGT 623 Human Resource Systems (2 credits)
MGT 625 Entrp: Creating New Ventures (2 credits)
MGT 645 Principles of Supply Chain Mgt (2 credits)
MGT 679 Merger and Acquisition Strategies (2 credits)
MGT 680 Doing Business in China (2 credits)
MGT 691 International Management (2 credits)
MGT 698 Mgt And Economics of Health Care (2 credits)
MGT 698 Strategic Public Policy Analysis (2 credits)
MGT 698 Prac Appl of the Inv Process (2 credits)
MKT 641 Marketing Research (2 credits)
MKT 644 644 Services Marketing (2 credits)
MKT 645 International Marketing (2 credits)
MKT 646 Consumer Behavior (2 credits)
MKT 647 Advertising and Communication Mgt (2 credits)
MKT 648 New Product Development (2 credits)
MKT 649 Strategic Brand Marketing (2 credits)
RED 601 Intro Real Estate Develop and Urbanism (2 credits)
RED 660 Urban Infill, Preserv and Mixed Use Dev

* Not open to students who have taken ACC 672
** Not open to students who have taken ACC 602

Any other electives must be selected in consultation with the program director.

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