Support for Entrepreneurial Internships

The Heffner Entrepreneurship Fellowship Endowment supports students with up to $2,500 to acquire and complete an entrepreneurship-related internship the summer following their junior years. The purpose is to encourage students interested in entrepreneurship to find and accept a business or entrepreneurial-related internship so they can put entrepreneurial skills into practice through real world experience.

Though the optimal student is in their junior year, if you don’t exactly meet this requirement you are encouraged to apply as there may be flexibility on the selection depending on the final pool of applicants. Seniors may apply, and do not need to already have a secured internship, however to receive the funding they will have to complete one that satisfies the requirement.

The funding is made available to help defer moving, travel, housing or related costs of completing an internship geographically away from the University of Miami and the student’s hometown. After completion of the internship the student will be required to submit documented expenses for reimbursement (housing, travel, utilities, etc.).

The internship support funding is only available to undergraduate students involved in entrepreneurship at the School of Business in some way (e.g. entrepreneurship major/minor, or completion of MGT353 or other entrepreneurship courses at UM, or participation in the business plan competition). Students will be selected by a panel, including the endowment donor, based on the best fit with the objectives of the program.

Pictured Above: William Heffner (BBA ’77) presenting Nikki Millman with a 2017 Heffner Fellowship

How to Apply for the Heffner Fellowship

If you are interested in this funding, please indicate so in a brief write-up a description of the internship opportunity you are pursuing for the summer and how it fits with your development/entrepreneurial aspiration (or, if there is more than one, indicate that). Please submit this write-up to Amarylis Wallace in the Entrepreneurship Program at umbizplan@miami.eduWe suggest a description up to one full page. To apply, make sure to indicate:

The deadline for submitting your write-up by email will be in the spring of 2018 (exact date to be determined). Please specify in the subject line: HEFFNER submission.

The endowment has a geographic preference that the internship be 50 miles or more away from the University of Miami, and/or the student’s hometown, with the intention of helping offset expenses of travel, housing, etc. away from home. The decision committee will seek to notify the selected students by phone and email prior to the end of the semester.


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