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As an academic field, marketing seeks to understand how consumers respond to goods and services offered in markets, and develop tools and methods by which firms can achieve greater efficiency in exchange. The marketing faculty at the University of Miami has a world-renowned reputation for its pioneering contributions to a wide range of areas in both basic theoretical and applied areas of the field. Students admitted to the program will be able to work one-on-one with the faculty to undertake original research in three areas, alone or in combination:

  1. Consumer psychology and decision making — the study of how consumers make choices in markets, and how marketing instruments (such as advertising and prices) affect these decisions;
  2. Marketing research and forecasting — the study of how consumer preferences can be formally measured and modeled, and how models can be used for forecasting and planning; and
  3. Marketing strategy — the study of how firms can use knowledge of consumers and competitors to optimally allocate resources.

Like other areas of business, doctoral studies in marketing are designed as a four-year program. Depending on whether students seek to undertake work in the more quantitative areas of the field (marketing research methods and modeling) or behavioral (consumer decision making), they will complete one of two rigorous core-course sequences, one focusing on economics, another on psychology. Upon completing the core courses students will undertake advanced coursework in their chosen area of study as well as through one-on-one training with one or more faculty mentors in their area

What makes the University of Miami’s marketing PhD program special?

Doctoral training in marketing at the University of Miami is distinguished from other programs in the nation by its emphasis on deep training in core disciplines plus one-on-one mentoring with faculty. Students entering the program can expect to begin working with faculty to develop original research projects soon after they arrive, thus acquiring the hands-on knowledge they will need to undertake independent research as they approach their dissertation stage and later in their careers. In addition, this one-on-one emphasis allows high flexibility in how advanced training is structured. For example, one of the innovative features of the program is a “semester away” option in which students will have the opportunity to obtain specialized training in another academic institution.

The marketing faculty members with whom the doctoral students will interact and collaborate on research projects have published extensively in the discipline’s flagship journals. The faculty includes current and former editors of leading journals and well as members of the editorial review boards of such journals. Several faculty members have earned national and international recognitions for their scholarly contributions. Students entering the marketing PhD program will find themselves in a nurturing and collaborative culture in which the faculty members are accessible and eager to work with them. In addition to the ready access to the faculty, doctoral students will have access to other resources to support their research such as a state-of-the-art behavioral lab and a large subject pool for conducting studies, an excellent online library, etc.

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