Arun  Sharma

Arun Sharma

Professor, Marketing

Research Interests

Understanding markets; marketing strategies and productivity; industry and paradigm shifts; and firm-level value creation and management

Featured Publications

  • Rapp, Adam A., Daniel G. Bachrach, Karen Flaherty, Douglas E. Hughes, Arun Sharma, and Clay M. Voorhees (2017), “The Role of the Sales-Service Interface and Ambidexterity in the Evolving Organization: A Multilevel Research Agenda,” Journal of Service Research. 20, 1, 59-75.

    Sharma, Arun (2016), "What Personal Selling and Sales Management Recommendations from Developed Markets Are Relevant in Emerging Markets? Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 36, 2 (June), 89-104.

    Sharma, Arun and Subhash Jha (2016), "Innovation from Emerging Market Firms: What Happens When Market Ambitions Meet Technology Challenges?" Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 31, 4, 507-18.

    Sharma, Arun and Heiner Evanschitzky (2016), "Returns on Key Accounts: Do the Results Justify the Expenditures?" Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 31, 2, 174-82. 

    Iyer, Gopalkrishnan R., Sarah Xiao, Arun Sharma and Michael Nicholson (2015), “Behavioral Issues in Price Setting in Business-to-business Marketing: A Framework for Analysis,” Industrial Marketing Management, 47, (May), 6-16.

Teaching and Professional Experience

  • Consultant to Multiple Fortune 500 Firms
  • Vice Dean, Graduate Business Programs and Executive Education, University of Miami School of Business Administration
  • Chair, Department of Marketing, University of Miami School of Business Administration


  • Understanding markets
  • Market strategies
  • Marketing strategies
  • Marketing productivity


  • Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • MBA, Indian Institute of Management
  • B.E., Rajastan University
Arun  Sharma


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