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Welcome New Freshmen!

Freshman First-Semester Course Selection

Welcome to the University of Miami School of Business Administration.  We are so glad that you decided to become a ‘Cane! 

Part of your transition to college life includes selecting courses for your first semester.  This website is intended to help you with that process.  Please read the information about our degree requirements and course selection process for first-semester Business students.

Important Dates:

October 20th—Math Placement Assessment opens

SBA Students: You will have a temporary “Academic Advising Hold” on your CaneLink Account. You must follow the SBA registration process (see below) to add appropriate courses to your shopping cart, have your hold lifted, and enroll in courses for your first semester.

November 17th—Registration opens, by appointment on CaneLink 

January 7th- International Student Orientation

January 8th—Academic Dean's Meetings for Students

January 12th—Classes begin

How do I select courses for my first semester at the School of Business Administration?

In order to complete the process for New Freshman Registration in the School of Business Administration you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Take the Registration Tutorial

  2. Take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment. 

  3. Review the School of Business First-Semester Freshman Course Selection webpages for more detailed information about appropriate first-semester courses for Business students.

  4. Submit your course selection information online through the New Freshman Online Course Selection Form.

  5. An academic advisor will review your submission and reply by email with specific course approvals.

  6. Access CANELINK and register for classes that were pre-approved.

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