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FIRST Step studentsAt the core of the freshman experience is a ground-breaking, Management 100, better known as FIRST Step with "FIRST" being an acronym for Freshmen Integrity, Responsibility and Success through Teamwork.

Corporate & Social Responsibility 

FIRST Step is designed to encourage first-year students to consider the notion that a corporate enterprise is part of the larger social fabric, and that ethical business practices and tangible relations with the local community are essential features of a business strategy for success. The School of Business Administration wants to excite students about community engagement and encourage them to it throughout their entire career.

Hands-On Learning in Teams

Students are placed in teams, are mentored by upper-class students and work in the community on projects designed to bring life the concepts they learn in the classroom. Some teams, for example, work on greening initiatives while others may develop business plans to focus on social entrepreneurial ventures. The course is designed not only to help students understand key concepts, but also to give them hands-on experience practicing the concepts they learn.

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