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Financial Assistance

The PhD Program provides financial assistance which includes:

  • Tuition
  • Health insurance
  • Stipend
  • Professional development grants
The program provides five years of financial assistance conditional that you reach pre-specified academic milestones and receive satisfactory performance evaluations.  

Research and Teaching Assistantships

Research and teaching assistantships are generally included as part of a student's financial assistance package. A research assistantship is an apprenticeship in research and is commonly a foundation for your dissertation research that follows. A teaching assistantship provides you experience with a variety of aspects of quality teaching: Course preparation, in-classroom presentation skills, grading, and evaluation.

Professional Development Grants

Each student in our PhD program is also offered a professional development grants each year. Such funding may be used to cover expenses to attend leading professional conferences so that you can present research in order to receive feedback from a broader community of scholars. These grants can also be used to pay for publication submission fees and professional organization membership fees. Through such funding, students can also acquire access to databases that the university does not already subscribe to, or fund your experimental work.

Our PhD Program is a full-time program. Students cannot rely on part-time work to pay for any of their expenses. Because of the rigorous academic requirements, the PhD program strongly discourages any outside employment other than research with faculty and incidental grading and/or tutoring positions.

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