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Our PhD Students

Learn more about our current PhD students, our past placement record, and profiles of Miami Herbert Business School former doctoral students who are now faculty at top institutions world wide.

Current PhD Students


Anthony Joffre | Dan Li | Zeyu Ou | Yini Wang |  Seungju Choi

Job Market Candidates: Matthew Phillips | Rosy Xu


Brooks Mullen | Xueqing Yang

Job Market Candidates: Petra Besenhard | Kimberly Boswell | Julia Hatamyar | Erika Schutt | Jianhua Zhou


Ikchan An | Claudio Rizzi | Prithu Vatsa | Melina Vosse | Shiyi Zhang | Judith Bohnenkamp | Swathi Murali | Satya Jit Sahoo

Job Market Candidates: Carina Cuculiza

Management Science

Biao CaiDelaram Heydarian | Jie Zhou | Tuoyi Zhao


Vincentia Yuen | Suwon ChoiSaetbyeol Kim | Nguyen Le Thanh Nguyen

Job Market Candidates: Benjamin Borenstein

Operations Management

Zheyu JiangYunke Li

Organizational Behavior

Job Market Candidates: Heath Gregg | Changmeng Xu

Strategy/International Business

Dennis Wajda | Boshuo Li

Recent Placements


Rosy Xu (Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2021) | Jake Krupa (Tulane University, 2020) | Siddharth Bhambhwani (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, 2019) | Taylor Wiesen (George Mason University School of Business, 2016) | John Barrios (University of Chicago Booth School of Business, 2015) | Yamin Hao (University of Alberta School of Business, 2015)


Christopher Paik (Bank of Korea, 2020)


William Bazley (University of Kansas, 2019) | Da Ke (University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business, 2017)


Aiden Lee (HEC Montreal, 2020) | Carter Morgan (University of South Florida, 2019) | Luke Nowlan (KU Leuven, 2018) | Noah VanBergen (University of Cincinnati Carl H. Lindner School of Business, 2017) | Tatiana Fajardo (Florida State University College of Business, 2015) | Eva Buechel (University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business, 2014) | Anthony Salerno (University of Cincinnati Carl H. Lindner School of Business, 2014) | Julio Sevilla (University of Georgia Terry College of Business, 2014)

Operations Management

Huiqi Guan (Fudan University, 2018) | Yutian Li (University of Science and Technology of China, 2018) | Fang Fang (California State University, LA College of Business and Economics, 2016)

Organizational Behavior

Monica Sharif (San Francisco State University College of Business, 2015)

Strategy/International Business

Juan Bu (Indiana University, 2018) | Stephanie Wang (Indiana University Kelly School of Business, 2014)


Graduates of the doctoral programs of the Miami Herbert Business School have taken up academic positions at prestigious universities around the world. From the University of Chicago to the University of Hong Kong, they are making their mark as professors at top business schools. Here are some examples.

Strategy/International Business

barrios“The training I received at the University of Miami was not only rigorous but also pragmatic,” says Stephanie Wang, who joined Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business as an assistant professor in 2014 after earning her PhD in strategy/international business. “In particular, from very early on, I was able to work closely with my advisor, Dr. Yadong Luo, on research publications. This apprenticeship model provided a precious hands-on learning experience,” adds Wang.

Wang says she was attracted to Indiana University because of it research and teaching reputation, as well as the culture of Department of Management and Entrepreneurship, where she is an assistant professor of international business and strategy.

“I want to become the thought leader in my research field of capability upgrading and internationalization of emerging market firms.”


barriosJohn Barrios received his PhD in accounting is now an assistant professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He calls it a dream position, and one that his dissertation co-chairs at University of Miami’s accounting program urged him to take.

“This is a top school with respect to business and economics,” he says. “It’s a great privilege to start my career at such a prestigious place.”

Barrios is still dreaming. His goal is to gain full professor status within 10 years.



After earning his PhD in finance in 2017, Da Ke became an assistant professor at the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business, which is recognized as a world leader in international business education and research. He says the University of Miami PhD program prepared him to succeed at the Moore School, which encourages faculty with diverse backgrounds and research interests to collaborate on a cutting-edge research agenda.

“The University of Miami’s strong emphasis on behavioral finance provided me with the unique opportunity and resources to dive into this emerging area,” says Ke. “The close working relationship with my advisor, as well as with other faculty members, was instrumental in my development as a financial economist.”

Da Ke’s dissertation has been accepted for publication at the Journal of Finance, a leading journal in the field.



After earning his PhD in economics in 2016, Luke Fitzpatrick became an assistant professor in the Department of Economics at Ohio University. He says he was attracted to the position because the department places an extremely high value on its junior faculty.

“Unlike many departments where junior faculty have little say in the direction of the department, we play a central role in hiring, organizing the seminar schedule, and so forth,” says Fitzpatrick.

Of his experience at the University of Miami?

“My experience at UM was especially useful because it exposed me to a variety of fields of economics before I eventually settled on environmental economics.”

Fitzpatrick is now a Data Scientist at GeoPhy.



After earning his PhD in marketing, Noah VanBergen headed to the University of Cincinnati where he is an assistant professor. VanBergen was attracted to UC because of the junior and senior faculty, most of whom are active behavioral researchers, where he is “surrounded by motivated, productive folks."

He credits the opportunity he had at UM to play an active role in research starting in his first semester for making him well prepared for his faculty position.

“The variety and productivity of the UM faculty also allowed me to understand how different scholars conduct research, which has helped me develop my own research style.“

VanBergen plans to pay forward what the University of Miami faculty has given him by mentoring future PhD students.

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