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PhD in Business – Management Science

The PhD in Business - Management Science program at the Miami Herbert Business School is concerned with the application of sophisticated quantitative and analytical methods in decision-making, as well as in the design and control of complex systems. The field is, by nature, amenable to cross-disciplinary work, and methodological research in this discipline is often motivated by applications in other areas of business, engineering and science.

The goal of the PhD in Business - Management Science program is to prepare students for a career of original research. Consequently, the most important requirement is the completion of a doctoral thesis under close faculty supervision. Advanced coursework and seminars provide the student with the rigorous methodological foundation and knowledge of the field necessary to conduct novel creative research.

Research and Coursework

Starting from their first year in the program, students will do collaborative research with faculty whose expertise matches their interest. This will provide them with the hands-on training necessary to conduct independent research in the thesis stage of their doctoral programs and in their subsequent careers as scholars.

All students in the PhD in Business program complete a core curriculum. A typical student in the management science program would take the following core coursework in Year 1: Linear Programming and Extensions, Optimization*, Stochastic Models, Statistical Methods I and II*, Dynamic Optimization* and Advanced Microeconomic Theory*.

( * = business quantitative track common core.)

Click here for the PhD in Business core curriculum.


Incoming students should have at a minimum the following background, at the advanced undergraduate or graduate level: Linear Algebra, Calculus (2 semesters), Probability and Statistics (2 semesters), and Computer Programming.

Contact Us

You can find detailed application information and admissions requirements here.

For more information about the Management Science PhD, please contact Lan Wang, professor of Management Science and the program coordinator.

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