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PhD in Business - Marketing

As an academic field, marketing seeks to understand how consumers respond to goods and services offered in markets, and to develop tools and methods by which firms can achieve greater efficiency in exchange. The marketing faculty at the Miami Herbert Business School have a world-renowned reputation for pioneering contributions to both basic theoretical and applied areas of the field.
Students admitted to the Marketing PhD program at the Miami Herbert Business School will work one-on-one with faculty to undertake original research in two areas:

  1. Consumer psychology and behavioral decision making — the study of how individuals make decisions, more specifically, how consumers make choices in markets, and how marketing instruments (such as advertising and prices) affect these decisions

  2. Computational Marketing — empirical research on consumer and/or firm behavior with a focus on computational and econometric analysis of marketing settings, using deep-learning techniques such as machine learning and artificial intelligence

What Distinguishes our Marketing PhD


'Canes Behavioral Laboratory

Marketing PhD students may conduct research in the 'Canes Behavioral Laboratory, an 800-square-foot lab with 31 computers. Designed for advanced, technology-driven marketing research, the lab provides a controlled environment where as many as 700 undergraduate students participate in studies each semester.

Explore the Behavioral Lab


Doctoral studies in marketing are designed as a five-year program. Depending on whether students seek to undertake work in the more quantitative areas of the field (marketing research methods and modeling) or behavioral areas (consumer decision making), they will complete one of two rigorous core-course sequences – one focusing on economics, another on psychology. In addition to completing the core courses, students will undertake advanced coursework in their chosen area of study. Upon completion of coursework, students continue with a thorough one-on-one training with one or more faculty mentors in their area.

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Current PhD Students

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You can find detailed application information and admissions requirements here.

For more information about the Marketing PhD, please contact Caglar Irmak, professor of marketing and the program coordinator.
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