PhD in Business – Operations Management Concentration

Doctoral students working towards a PhD in Operations Management learn quantitative and analytical skills needed to conduct research and develop theory in the area of Operations Management. Operations Management addresses issues of supply chain management, production, distribution and logistics, retailing and service industries. We use economic and game theory methodologies, optimization techniques, and empirical organizational approaches that are rigorous for all managers in functional areas of business.

Our area of research focuses on the global economy considering manufacturing, logistics, retailing and the service industries. More specifically, we study the entire supply chains of global organizations, dealing with strategic procurement, outsourcing, inventory theory, distribution and logistics, forecasting, dynamic pricing, and bargaining.

Our research brings together relevant concepts, skills and techniques from many disciplines to blend theory and research into the development of effective strategies for managers. The goal in each of these areas is to better manage business processes and organizations to achieve the greatest competitive advantage.


A typical student in the Operations Management concentration would take the following core courses in Year 1: Micro Economics, Optimization Models, Dynamic Optimization, Statistical Methods I and II. In addition, students would be expected to take classes in Game Theory, Stochastic Processes and other Operations Management courses in Supply Chain Management and Inventory Management. All students in the PhD in Business also complete a core curriculum.

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Top Researchers

Faculty in the Operations Management area have successfully published their work in the top journals of the field, such as Management Science, Operations Research, Naval Research Logistics, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management and IIE Transactions. They regularly present their research at leading national and international conferences and serve on editorial boards of premier journals. In conjunction with faculty in the Department of Management Science, the group conducts an active research seminar series. This provides a forum for discussion of current research topics by department faculty and guest speakers from other universities.

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For more information about the PhD Operations Management Concentration, please contacxt Nan Yang, professor of management, the program coordinator.

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