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PhD in Business – Strategy / International Business Subarea

The PhD in International Business and Strategy focuses on scholarly research into international business and strategic management, as well as their interfaces. Offered through the Department of Management, topics examined include corporate strategy, corporate governance, management of multinational enterprises, international entry strategies, strategic alliances, and strategy in emerging economies, among others.

Research in strategic management and international business has gradually converged. In strategic management, empirical tests using large samples of organizations, many of which are foreign or multinational enterprises, are increasingly common. In corporate strategy, the previous focus on domestic competitors has given way to an emphasis on global competition and global strategies. The PhD in Strategy and International Business was created in response to these developments. Most of faculty members in the Strategy/International Business area do research at the intersection of strategic management and international business.

The Department of Management also offers PhD programs in Operations Management and Organizational Behavior.

World-Class Scholars

Our Faculty

Faculty in this area have recently published their works in all leading journals in management, such as Journal of International Business Studies, Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Organization Science and Journal of Applied Psychology. Among faculty in the area, one has recently earned the distinction of being the most prominent publisher of refereed journal articles, world-wide, in international business and in international management.


The subarea emphasizes theoretical training and research methodologies. Its primary purpose is to prepare doctoral students for academic careers as influential scholars in the area of strategy or international business.

Students have the opportunity to be involved in ongoing research projects under the mentorship of experienced faculty, and the program emphasizes involvement of students in research early in their graduate careers. Close interaction with faculty members enables students to quickly learn to identify and develop research ideas and create their own research agenda. Students also develop teaching competence under faculty mentorship by teaching undergraduate classes.

A typical student in Strategy/International Business would take the following core courses in Year 1: Statistics I and II, Research Methods, Micro Economics and Social Psychology. In addition, students are expected to take classes in Game Theory, Econometrics, Theories in Management and Organization, and other specialized and advanced courses in strategic management and international business.

Click here for the PhD in Business core curriculum.

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You can find detailed application information and admissions requirements here.

For more information about the PhD Strategy/International Business subarea, please contact Wei Shi, associate professor of management and the program coordinator.

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