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PhD in Economics

The Department of Economics at the University of Miami offers a top PhD program in Economics. The high quality and highly selective program provides a rigorous exposure to microeconomic and macroeconomic theory, monetary theory and policy, and quantitative methods.

Priority is assigned to research. Small classes afford each student the opportunity to participate in discussions and benefit from continuous faculty-student interaction. Both the classroom and research components are supplemented by colloquia presented by internationally recognized scholars.

Fields of Specialization

We offer specializations in:

  • Applied microeconomics – which includes labor, environmental and health economics
  • Economic development
  • International economics
  • Macroeconomics

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PhD in Economics Program Mission

Our mission is to attract the best and brightest students to our program, to staff our PhD courses with faculty who excel in research and teaching, and to maintain an environment in which students and faculty work together. By doing so, we will give students the skills, knowledge and research training to produce the high-quality dissertations needed for successful careers in the academic, government and private sectors.

Program Objectives

  1. Maintain a high degree of selectivity by admitting only the most highly qualified applicants.
  2. Staff the PhD courses with professors who excel in research and teaching.
  3. Place graduates in the academic, government and private sectors.
  4. Give students teaching experience.
  5. Foster an environment in which students and faculty work together to advance the frontier of economic research.

Top Economic Researchers

The scope and breadth of the faculty’s research interest and activity is reflected in the stature and diversity of the general interest and field journals in which their work has been published. In recent years, faculty members have placed articles in the American Economic Review and other top-tier academic journals. The department has a balanced mix of junior- and senior-level faculty, which ensures the infusion of new approaches and interests into both the classroom and the department’s research agenda.


The program includes 13 core courses, two courses in one field, one elective course and the dissertation.

Comprehensive Examinations

Students in good academic standing, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B), are scheduled to sit for their Microeconomic and Macroeconomics Theory comprehensive examinations at the end of their second semester, and for the field comprehensive examination at the completion of their third semester.


A PhD candidate may begin working on the dissertation after the comprehensive examinations are successfully completed and the Dissertation Committee has approved the candidate's dissertation proposal (or prospectus).

Required Core Courses

All PhD in Economics students complete a core curriculum. Click here for details on the PhD in Economics core curriculum.

Job Placement

Graduates from the Miami Herbert Business School PhD in Economics program are placed in a variety of positions, including domestic and foreign tenure-track academic posiitons, as well as government and private sector jobs. The Department of Economics establishes a Job Placement Committee, which aims to prepare senior PhD students interested in participating in the job market for PhD economists. The committee serves as a source of information and provides a variety of services for prospective job candidates and potential employers.

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PhD in Economics

Application Information

The Doctoral Admissions Committee welcomes applications from different undergraduate and graduate degrees. A masters degree is not required for admission to the PhD program. Applicants for admission to the PhD in Economics should have an extensive background in economic theory and quantitative methods.

Application Information

Contact Us

For more information about the PhD in Economics, please contact Economics Professor Dr. Christopher Parmeter.

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