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Jianhua   Zhou

Jianhua Zhou

PhD Candidate


Jianhua Zhou is the PhD candidate in the Economics Department who mainly focuses on research related to nonparametric regression research.

Currently his researches fall into two categories: Inefficient frontier analysis of cross-section data set and robust method exploration. The first category tends to apply inefficient frontier analysis method to semi-nonparametric and nonparametric models.The robust method exploration concerns about improving nonparametric method performance under contamination data set by introducing new robust functions based on cross-validation method.

He also holds a master degree in Mathematical Finance, which investigates in fixed income models and portfolios management by software platforms such as Python and Excel.

Featured Publications

  • Presentation Conferences

    •2020 Royal Economic Society Annual Conference

    •16th International Conference, Western Economic Association International, Shanghai

    •2019 European Winter Meeting of the Econometric Society

    •36th Canadian Econometric Study Group Meetings–The Competitive Group

    •2nd Workshop in Applied and Theoretical Economics (WATE) – Florida


  • Ph.D., Economics, University of Miami, 2016
  • M.Sc., Mathematical Finance , Illinois Institute of Technology, 2015
Jianhua   Zhou


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