Heath R. Gregg

Heath R. Gregg


Heath Gregg is a PhD candidate in the Department of Management, specializing in Organizational Behavior.  Heath earned his undergraduate degrees in Business Management and Business Education from the University of Queensland, in Australia.  He also completed his Master of Science in Research Measurement and Evaluation from the University of Miami.  His primary research interest is in negative behaviors in the workplace, specifically the functioning of workplace incivility and how it operates across cultures.  He is involved in numerous research projects that involve both field surveys and experimental designs.  To date, Heath has published one refereed journal article and one book chapter.  In recognition of his teaching ability and high teaching evaluations from students at the University of Miami, he was the recipient of the 2017 Logi Romero-Simpson Graduate Student Outstanding Teaching Award.

Research Interests

Workplace Incivility, Workplace Deviance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Cross-Cultural Differences, and Research Methods

Featured Publications

    1. Buskard, A. N., & Gregg, H. R., Ahn, S. (2018). Relative Efficacy of Supra -Maximal Eccentrics on Lower - Body 1RM Using Standard Exercise Equipment: A Meta-Analysis. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport.

    Book Chapter

    1. Dasborough, M. T., & Gregg, H. R. (2016). Apathy and emotional ambivalence toward organizational change. In L.L. Neider and C. A. Schriesheim (Eds.), Leading Organizational Change (Research in Management, Volume 11), pp. 1-18. Charlotte, North Carolina: Information Age Publishing.


    • Buskard A. N., Zopluoglu, C., & Gregg, H. R. A Composite Score Method for Generating Parallel Test Forms in IRT Target: Behavior Research Methods. Stage: Submitted to Applied Psychological Measurement.
    • Gregg, H. R., Xu, C., Schriesheim, C. A., & Dasborough, M. T. An investigation into wording effects and vignette methodology. Target: Organizational Research Methods. Stage: Draft complete, more Data Collection needed.
    • Schriesheim, C. A., Yammarino, F. J., Sosik, J. J., Jung, D. I., Gregg, H. R. Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) Levels of Analysis: An Empirical Assessment at the Item Level. Target: Journal of Applied Psychology. Stage: Draft complete.
    • Gregg, H. R., Schriesheim, C. A., & Cooper C. Applications of Item Response Theory to Investigate Measurement Riddles in Leadership Research. Target: Leadership Quarterly. Stage: Manuscript preparation.
    • Gregg, H. R. Relative Leader Member Exchange Quality as a Predictor of Workplace Incivility. Target: Leadership Quarterly. Stage: Manuscript preparation.
    • Gregg, H. R. & Dasborough, M. T. CSR and the effect of Industry on Investor Attributions and Investment. Target: Academy of Management Review. Stage: Submitted to Journal of Organizational Behavior
    • Gregg, H., Dasborough, M. T. & Todorova, G. Climate of authenticity: An examination of scale quality and scale development. Target: Journal of Applied Psychology. Stage: Manuscript preparation.
    • Dasborough, M. T., & Gregg, H. Affective forecasting as a predictor of leadership emergence. Target: Journal of Applied Psychology. Stage: Manuscript preparation.
    • Todorova, G., Dasborough, M. T., & Gregg, H. Authentic leadership in team contexts. Target: Academy of Management Journal. Stage: Data analysis
    • Lee, G., Dasborough, M.T., & Gregg, H. R. A dyadic view of organizational fear. Stage: Manuscript preparation.

Teaching and Professional Experience

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Journal Reviewing, 2017-2018
  • Reviewer, Conference Paper Reviewing, 2017-2018
  • Professional Memberships , Southern Management Association, 2016-
  • Tutor- Athletes and Artists Executive MBA program, University of Miami, 2017
  • Testing Department, Coral Gables Senior High School, 2009-2015
  • High School Teacher (Economics) , Clairvaux MacKillop College (Brisbane, Australia), 2008
  • High School Teacher (Economics/Management), Sheldon College (Brisbane, Australia), 2007
  • Management trainee, Bunge-Defiance , 1998-1999
  • Staff, Party Ingredients (London) , 2000
  • Bar Manager, Mercure Hotel (London City Bankside), 2001-2002
  • Management Consultant, Kelmac Pty Ltd , 2003-2005
  • Membership Sales, Fitness First , 2005


  • Ph.D., Management, University of Miami, 2016-
  • M.Sc., Education, University of Miami, 2015
  • B.E., Business Education Concentration, University of Queensland, 2006
  • B. Business Management , University of Queensland, 2006
Heath R. Gregg


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