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Transforming Health Care through Analytics

Module Details
Audience: C-suite/VP level executives
Duration: 8 hours
Location: Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami


Analytics is poised to transform the entire ecosystem of health care delivery promising to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.  Through the use of analytics, hospitals, clinics and all other health care agencies involved in health care are transforming their business models. Experts and researchers working on analytics and health care from the Miami Herbert Business School have created an eight-hour module that shows how to integrate analytics into health care systems.  Specifically, the topics addressed are:

1. Introduction:

2. Developing an Analytics Strategy to Drive Change:
3. Fundamentals of Healthcare Analytics:
4. Developing and Using Effective Indicators:
5. Leveraging Analytics in Quality Improvement Activities:
6. Basic Statistical Methods and Control Chart Principles:
7. Advanced Analytics in Healthcare: 
8. Data Quality and Governance:
9. Becoming an Analytical Healthcare Organization: 

10. Wrap up

The module is taught by faculty experts who have researched the topics and have extensive experience working with firms.


Vincent Omachonu

Vincent Omachonu is a Professor of Industrial Engineering at the University of Miami. He also holds a secondary appointment in the Department of Health Sector & Policy at the University of Miami. He is the author of four books, including Principles of Total Quality; Healthcare Performance Improvement; Access to Patient Care & Safety. His research area includes Patient Experience, Quality Management, Quality Gap Analysis, Chronic Diseases, and Population Health. He has consulted for several hospitals, managed care organizations, home healthcare organizations, and fortune 500 companies. He is a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma.

Joseph Johnson

Joseph Johnson is a faculty member in the marketing department at Miami Herbert Business School.   He has thirty-two years of experience, divided between academia and industry, in computerization and empirical models for manufacturing, supply chain and marketing.   His research areas include application of AI, machine learning, natural language processing, stochastic processes, dynamic programing and genetic algorithms to business problems. He has worked on projects with Affinova, Axalta, Cheapoair, Dell, Eli-Lilly, Hindustan Petroleum, Perry Ellis, Royal Caribbean Ryder, SAS, Tata Steel, UM-Health and Universal Fox Studios.


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