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Financial Valuation of a Company or Project

Module Details
Audience: Managers/Executives
Duration: 8 hours
Location: Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami


The process of valuing a company or a project within a company has many subtleties and, as a result, is sometimes performed deficiently. These deficiencies may consist of shortcuts taken for the sake of expediency (e.g., incorrectly calculating the firm’s or project’s cost of capital by using book values rather than market values); other times they consist of omitting a material variable in the valuation process (e.g., failing to include the recuperation of working capital at the project’s end).

The purpose of this module is to provide executives with a foundation that will help them avoid these and other valuation pitfalls. We will begin by providing a detailed conceptual understanding of the major elements of the valuation process, followed by practical illustrations of that process through the discussion of case studies. Specifically, we will address the following topics:


Ricardo Rodriguez

Professor Ricardo Rodriguez is a faculty member in the finance department at Miami Herbert Business School. His main areas of interest are corporate finance and valuation. He has taught numerous executive seminars in twenty Latin American cities, ranging from Buenos Aires to Guatemala, and in the USA in Washington, D.C., and Miami. He has also consulted for companies in Colombia, Central America, and Miami. His research has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, and other periodicals. The private firms and organizations to which he has given “in house” executive financial seminars include Asociación de Banqueros de Argentina (ABA), American Express, Banco Ganadero de Colombia, Merrill Lynch, McDonald’s (Arcos Dorados), Pension Fund of America, and Polygram. He has also been a financial consultant for companies in Miami, Central America and Colombia, including Pizza Hut and Pepsi Cola franchisees. In addition, professor Rodríguez is the coauthor of four Finance textbooks.
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