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Valuing Emerging Market Assets

Module Details
Audience: Asset management, Investment banks, M&A Consulting Firms, Corporations (mid- to senior-levels)
Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Location: Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami


Partly due to having less developed capital markets, emerging market economies often present attractive business opportunities for foreign investors. However, emerging market assets typically come with unique risks that are hard to measure and manage. This module addresses both risk assessment and its incorporation in the asset valuation process, and pre-emptive risk management.


Sandro Andrade

Sandro Andrade is an Associate Professor of Finance at the Miami Herbert Business School. His research focuses on International Finance, Investments, and Emerging Markets. He is an Associate Editor at the Journal of Banking and Finance, and has published at top academic journals. Before embarking in an academic career, he was a Senior Advisor at the Central Bank of Brazil.
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