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Marketing, Product and Brand Management in Times of Crisis

Module Details
Audience: Directors/Managers
Duration: 4 hours
Location: Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami


During times of economic, political and/or business turmoil, companies must develop unique strategies to stay afloat and maintain market share. Times of crisis can even present significant market opportunities for companies willing to make courageous decisions and take bold steps.

This module will present crisis management from a marketing perspective.   We will analyze which strategies marketers can adopt which will not only maintain company stability but will also capitalize on unique opportunities to lay the foundations for future, post-crisis growth.   Special emphasis will be placed on product and brand management decisions which can play a critical role in client, revenue and market share retention.

Topics to be discussed include:


McDonald’s Russia: Managing a Crisis


Jeffrey Weinstock

Jeffrey Weinstock has been a faculty member of the Marketing Department at Miami Herbert Business School since 2004.  For 20 years, he held senior international marketing positions in several S&P 500 companies.  His international marketing experience includes key roles at Carnival Cruise Lines, Sabre Holdings and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.  He focuses on international marketing strategy, new product development and launch, and new market entry in the software, banking, pharmaceutical and hospitality industries.  Weinstock has also executed consulting projects for leading companies in the financial, pharmaceutical and science-based industries.  He has worked in over 40 countries including 14 years overseas.  He specializes in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East and is fluent (native speaker level) in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew.
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