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Professional Selling and Sales Leadership: An Organized Framework

Module Details
Audience: Manager/ Director Level
Duration: 4 Hours
Location: Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami


Professional Selling has never been more important as we progress through the 21st century.  In an era where so much attention is placed on technology and innovation it is critically important that executives know not only how to convey the features and benefits of their products and services but also to be efficient and effective in doing so.  In this seminar special attention will be placed on the following topics: 

  1. Characteristics of successful salespeople and successful business relationships
  2. Ethical issues relating to your customers, company, colleagues, and competition
  3. A discussion of verbal communication including personality types, how people interpret information, voice characteristics, the lost art of effective questioning, how to be an effective listener, and how to tolerate silences
  4. A discussion of non-verbal communication including reading body language and sending messages non-verbally
  5. Prospecting…..effective vs. ineffective ways to find new people to tell your story to
  6. Precall information and planning for the sales call will be discussed
  7. A five stage sales cycle will be introduced covering from when you meet a prospect for the first time all the way to effective client review meetings
  8. Objection handling….when they can happen, 9 common ones with a discussion as to why they happen, incorrect ways to deal with them, and effective ways to handle them
  9. Closing and all of the issues in obtaining commitment
  10. Gathering referrals and the psychology behind them
  11. Maintaining relationships and how to generate repeat business



The seminar is taught by Ian Scharf a 33 year sales veteran and currently in his 28th year teaching Professional Selling and Sales Management at Miami Herbert Business School.
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