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Store Environment and Consumer Spending

Module Details
Audience: Senior Executives
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami


It has long been known that consumer spending is many times unplanned, as consumer spending can vary dramatically based on the immediate environment where the purchase occurs. This seminar will discuss the latest strategies retailers can use to influence spending at the time of purchase.

One of these strategies involves the use of emotions. While emotional advertising appeals have been used by brands for a while, new findings on how emotional states (e.g., pride, envy) can influence the purchase decision will be discussed. A second strategy is the use of objects in the store that can influence consumers without their awareness. While most strategies focus on how to use direct persuasion to influence consumers, new findings on unconscious influences on behavior suggest that the presence of objects at the time of purchase can influence spending. Finally, a third strategy is based on the time of day. This type of strategy will discuss how to predict how stressed and how busy consumers are at different times of the day, and how this stress and busyness can influence spending. Therefore, we will discuss:

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