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Strategic Account Management

Module Details
Audience: Directors/Managers
Duration: 1 day
Location: Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami


Strategic Account Management (SAM) is a critical topic for companies today. In an increasingly-competitive marketplace, companies must strive to understand their customers better and to provide superior, differentiated service to those accounts determined to be strategic. This one-day module will introduce managers and sales executives to the concept of Strategic Account Management and will provide them with a framework for understanding the theory and practice of SAM. Special emphasis will be placed on practical solutions, current trends and best company practices from world leaders in SAM.

The primary objective of the module is to introduce the fundamental concepts of Strategic Account Management and its value to the organization and its clients. It is designed to provide companies with a solid overview of SAM and is appropriate for both seasoned account managers and salespeople transitioning into a strategic account manager role.

The module will present a framework for understanding SAM as well as providing practical solutions for creating and implementing new SAM programs and improving programs already in place. Module content is designed to be applicable to a wide variety of industries and to a broad range of companies from small startups to major multinational corporations.

Topics to be discussed include:


Participants will create an SAM program for a fictional company by analyzing the company’s strengths and weaknesses and its competitive environment. They will incorporate the critical elements of leading SAM programs into an innovative program designed especially for this company’s market position.

Cases and Readings

La Fageda, Social Enterprise Knowledge Network, Harvard Business School
Seven Account Management Best Practices that Will Make a Difference, Eye for Pharma
Worldly Wise, Senn and Thoma


Jeffrey Weinstock

Jeffrey Weinstock has been a faculty member of the Marketing Department at Miami Herbert Business School since 2004.  For 20 years, he held senior international marketing positions in several S&P 500 companies.  His international marketing experience includes key roles at Carnival Cruise Lines, Sabre Holdings and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.  He focuses on international marketing strategy, new product development and launch, and new market entry in the software, banking, pharmaceutical and hospitality industries.  Weinstock has also executed consulting projects for leading companies in the financial, pharmaceutical and science-based industries.  He has worked in over 40 countries including 14 years overseas.  He specializes in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East and is fluent (native speaker level) in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew.
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