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Understanding Marketing

Module Details
Audience: Executives and managers
Duration: One Day
Location: Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami


With the unrelenting pace of technology introductions, industry shifts and new competitive challenges, firms can no longer rely on executives and managers to aid the organization in its growth.  As competition has increased and the environment had become turbulent, firms are increasing relying on marketing to increase their presence.  Marketing is the art of creating value. Markets and therefore marketing are at the intersection of the firm, competition and customer.  The issues of value creation, value capture and value delivery will be discussed and tied to segmentation, targeting and positioning, customer life-time value, pricing, branding, communications and distribution. 

Miami Herbert Business School has created a four hour module for executives and managers that helps them gain the necessary marketing skills. They will learn the fundamental concepts and skills of marketing, and the formulation of winning marketing strategies and action plans.  Executives and managers will work learn how to segment customer groups, differentiate products and services, communicate with customers, and create lasting bonds between the firm and the target market. Specifically, the following topics are addressed in the module:

Exercises: Participants will apply the concepts of marketing through exercises and case studies.

The module is taught by faculty experts who have researched the topics and have extensive experience working with firms.


Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma is a professor of marketing at Miami Herbert Business School.  His expertise is in the area of Market Disruptions and his research is increasingly focused on digital disruptions.  He has worked with firms such as American Express, AutoNation, Boston Scientific, Coca Cola, MoneyGram, Proctor and Gamble and Visa International in the area of digital disruptions.

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