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Negotiating across cultural boundaries: A Workshop

Module Details
Audience: Senior Executives
Duration: 4 hours
Location: Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami


This module is designed to introduce executives to the theory and practice of negotiation.  Interactive lectures will introduce the participants to negotiation theory, equipping them with the concepts and terminology to prepare and execute value-creating, interest-based negotiations. Negotiation exercises will provide the participants with an opportunity to apply the theoretical elements of the module in live, simulated negotiations. Extensive classroom review of cases will assist participants in cementing their understanding of negotiation theories and better instruct them on how to apply well-established negotiation theories in their own professional lives and industries.

A. Session Objective:
  1. Introduce students to the fundamental theories of negotiation;
  2. Provide students with the opportunity to conduct negotiation exercises and receive individualized analysis of these, in order to increase the students’ comfort with negotiation techniques and theory; and
  3. Provide a forum for the application of theories to their day-to-day professional lives and in a variety of cross-cultural contexts.

B. Contents:

  1. Principled Negotiation vs. Positional Bargaining.
  2. Confronting Various Negotiation Styles.
  3. Communicating Cross-Culturally.

C. Methodology:

  1. Oil Pricing Exercise – Harvard Program on Negotiation.
  2. Lecture on Principled Negotiation.
  3. Class Debrief and Discussion: Communicating Cross-Culturally.

D. Cases, Readings & Other Material (Optional, but Suggested Reading):


Patricia Abril

Professor Patricia Abril is Vice Dean for Graduate Business Programs and is a faculty member in the Business Law Department.  Her research interests include Intellectual property, privacy law and securities.  Vice Dean Abril has held positions with Univision Network, as Manager, Legal and Business Affairs and as an Attorney in private practice focusing on international business in London, New York, and Miami.  Her publications include "Recasting Privacy Torts in a Spaceless World," Harvard Journal of Law & Technology and "The Locus of Corporate Scienter," Columbia Business Law Journal (with Ann Morales Olazabal). 

Professor Abril holds a B.A., from Duke University and a J.D., from Harvard Law School


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