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Reputation Management, Compliance and Law

Compliance as a Profit Center: Trends and Predictions

Module Details
Audience: VP Level
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami


Traditionally, the organization’s mandated compliance function is viewed as a cost center and a barrier to growth. Casting the compliance function as a profit center – albeit one with intangible numbers – enables the firm to avoid expensive reputation risk and costly fines imposed by a global network of enforcement agencies. By understanding recent trends, including threats of personal liability for willful blindness and judicial willingness to assess genuine commitment to compliance, organizations can create a more effective “culture of compliance’ that is expected in today’s dynamic environment.

This is a two-hour module for VP level executives interested in understanding recent trends in both the domestic and global marketplace with respect to compliance.

Specifically, the following topics are addressed in the seminar:


Anita Cava

In addition to being a Professor of Business Law, Anita Cava is Director of the Business Ethics Program. Her research focus is on international corruption and compliance with recent law review articles in the Washington University Global Law Journal (forthcoming), Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business and UC Davis Law Review. Professor Cava served as the Academic Director of the SBA’s Executive Education’s Latin American Healthcare Compliance Certification Program (2011-2016) and was a plenary speaker at the Latin American Healthcare Compliance Congress in Sao Paolo, Brazil in October, 2012; Mexico City, Mexico in July of 2014; and in Panama City, Panama in 2016. She has participated in three international conferences exploring compliance and corruption.


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