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Enhancing Strategic Alignment

Module Details
Audience: C-Suite Executives
Duration: 4 hours
Location: Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami


Strategic Alignment is increasingly becoming a key differentiator among firms.  Studies have shown that about a third of firms do not meet their goals because of a lack of strategic alignment.  The need for strategic alignment is becoming more critical in the emerging age of disruption. Disruption has emerged as a key focus area for senior executives.  The criticality of examining possible disruptions comes from the dramatic opportunities and threats being created by today’s powerful digital technologies.  The confluence of emerging technologies is disruptive to existing businesses as it shifts the way in which firms conduct business.

Miami Herbert Business School has created a four-hour module for senior executives that focuses on the critical need for strategic alignment and the important role that senior executives play in enhancing the performance of firms through strategic alignment.  Experts working on strategic alignment introduce senior executives to strategic alignment and how these processes enhance the firm, customer relationships, customer processes and firm processes.   Specifically, the following topics are addressed in the seminar:


Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma is a professor of marketing at Miami Herbert Business School.  His expertise is in the area of Market Disruptions and his research is increasingly focused on digital disruptions.  He has worked with firms such as American Express, AutoNation, Boston Scientific, Coca Cola, MoneyGram, Proctor and Gamble and Visa International in the area of digital disruptions.


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